Game Magic Run online

Game Magic Run

Game Magic Run online.

In many cultures have stories and legends about the wicked witches living in the wilds of the forest. These malicious people to create mischief and harm in different ways all his life. But always in each tale were heroes who fought the witches and try to destroy them as something. Today the game Magic Run we will introduce to you a man Jim. This young man is always different from their peers courage and reckless thirst for adventure. As he had heard that there was a witches home, which was headed by the conclave of the dark forces. She was the owner of the mystical world, which allows it to manage a lot of dark creatures. Of course, our hero decided to steal it. Making his way to her house he stole a ball and began to run. Now he has a dangerous path through the dark forest home, and we'll help him in this. On the way you will meet various obstacles and traps that you have to jump over. As the trail patrol witches flying on broomsticks, and you do not have to face them, otherwise our hero will die. On the way you can collect the purple rubies, which will give you points and other bonuses that will help you in the game. You can also use the green bottle that will help you become a frog, in this form, you will be able to attract less attention witches and more deftly jump over danger. Remember that the success of our hero depends on your care and dexterity. Game Magic Run is an interesting storyline and cool traced graphics. This all together creates an interesting atmosphere of the game, which will attract the attention of players of all ages and gender. Open the Magic Run on our website and join the adventures of our hero.

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