Game Sir Jump online

Game Sir Jump

Game Sir Jump online.

Run and jump - this is what you need to do in the game Sir Jump, managing a small man in a tall hat-cap. Having started his movement, he would not be able to stop, and it means that you can not be distracted by other things during his career. Run will have a very dangerous area, where at every step placed spikes, the clash which will lead to the immediate destruction of our valiant runner. But that's not all the obstacles, because the road itself will consist of small segments with deep pits between them. And through them, too, need to jump over, each time hoping to force a jump. This can be done using the left mouse button, holding it to the desired length of time. And be prepared for the fact that from time to time you will wait for danger from above and then you need to very carefully follow the jump height. Each time you need to keep going as long as our hero will not be able to reach the control point in the game, then you need to prepare for a difficult test in the game Sir Jump. A difficulty will be increased by increasing the speed of movement, as well as the number of obstacles to this gentleman. This means that you have to be more attentive and collected, in order not to bring his ward to death.

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