Special Agent OSO games

Special Agent OSO games

The young players are invited to play in a new cartoon online, completely free adventure games Special Agent Oso. Brave, resourceful bear in his adventures takes resourcefulness, accuracy and agility. Bear makes a toy, rising from the depth; with your help, is removed on the lawn; is the correct order of the pictures, and solves many puzzles. Little artists will paint black and white funny pictures on the frame from the movie – place items on the site, and will put in the proposed Oso clothes. And at the end of the job, the printer print the results.

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Special Agent OSO games Special Agent OSO games Colorful Oso games, though designed for preschoolers, but they are so sweet, kind, funny and entertaining, that often fascinate players and older. This is another series of virtual developing fun, created by the cartoon in which the main character is – Mishutka panda. However, the color was not very traditional – yellow coat, and eyes and ears circled color aqua.

The soft, fluffy, groovy nature of the hero has devoted his life to save those who are in need. He is ready to embark on the greatest depth, up to a formidable rock to pass on a rope, get behind the wheel of high-speed transport.

In order to make friends with the bear and go on a journey of adventure, open the game Special Agent Oso free. He will teach you to be smart and observant, because without these qualities can not cope with the orders, and they have a lot of Oso.

Since the bear is already an experienced pilgrim, he rigged his waistcoat most necessary tools. Also, it has almost a magic pen, which in many situations is able to turn into a useful tool. A clock switch signal is received from the chief of Dosa that transmits Osu coordinates for subsequent movements. You will see and helpers of the hero, playing games Agent Oso. Among them are two fox – with blue color and red fur, and without our brave bear would be difficult to cope with the many challenges – foxes watching the situation and inform the other conditions jobs.

Educate yourself playing games Special Agent Oso

Some online games Special Agent Oso require knowledge of English, and it's a wonderful opportunity to study it at a level that would be required in primary school. In other versions of the game you only need to closely monitor the prehistory, which is told in the pictures at the beginning to understand the essence of the mission. Toys are many, and get ready to play

  • logic games;
  • Action,
  • creative options;
  • games on memory.

Peace and adventure Agent Oso

Special Agent OSO games Special Agent OSO games Once Agent Oso needed when, during the voyage of the boxes spilled toys directly overboard boats. Nothing can be done – it is necessary to save the good. Brave Bear wears a suit and plunged into the depths of waters. Directing his arm, pick cars, balls, dolls, dragons and robots that are stuck in the coral, fell to the bottom, and some have to take fish and sailing. When all the toys will be in the bag, you can climb on board, but only to dive again for more. Each time toys have to raise more, but after all the jobs you will be awarded a special medal brave diver.

The game logic is necessary to choose the right images of the proposed options, eliminating superfluous. Memory strengthened if Special Agent Oso games to play, remembering the order of the images, and after shuffling distributing them in the correct sequence, sending the cells with the numbers. Useful game Special Agent Oso, which will clean up the garbage on the lawn, and then sort it into containers. Paper waste will go to a trash can, glass bottles in the other, and the third – cans. This will help health services to dispose of waste, reworking some for later use, and destroying others.

Before you go to a new odyssey, pick Osu outfit, equip it with the details, but on the court arrange decorations to liven up the atmosphere. Pictures taken from the movie, and if you watched it, you immediately know the main stage. Choose menu items, change the color, and then print out the ones that you especially like, setting off the collection.

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