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Tanki Online games have a magical effect on the players and many pay for fun in tanks, arranging virtual battles among themselves, created by real events. We offer to play Tanki Online for free, and since our collection contains different plots and directions, everyone will choose an option in which to relax is especially interesting. It doesn't have to be a war. You can color the tanks, assemble puzzles from pieces, solve entertaining puzzles, look for differences in the illustrations and find paired cards.

Big and little boys are addicted to simulators and simpler games that involve military hardware. Tanki Online games have become so popular that it is the main topic among their fans. A special place is occupied by products that allow you to play for free, where the events of the Second World War unfold. Here players get acquainted with the machines of the first designs and modern ones. But a lot of stories have been invented for the kids with cartoon tanks that need to be led through the labyrinths, solve the puzzle, color it, or do the jigsaw puzzle.

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To battle!

Tanki Online Tanki Online Tanks appeared on the battlefield in the First World War for the first time and showed themselves as the technology of the future. Of course, they were still imperfect, and many of them failed before they could plunge into the maelstrom of events, but even those few pieces that retained combat power reduced the army's losses and pushed the enemy away from the offensive line. The first battle showed the weak points of the tanks and what should be changed. Modernization was carried out repeatedly, and even now, the military industry does not stop, equipping armored vehicles with new features:

  • assault rifles
  • machine guns
  • guns are equipped with the latest developments
  • steel is even stronger
  • tracks are better protected
  • cross-country ability has increased exponentially

Even the mechanical filling inside the cockpit has undergone significant changes. Now the pilot gets a more accurate picture of what is happening on the battlefield on a specific monitor, which can automatically aim projectiles at the target. And he is exposed to less risk at the same time. Offering you to play Tanki Online, we are sure you will find the product that meets your interests today. Realistic simulators can offer many missions in different parts of the world, choose a tank model and customize the vehicle characteristics according to your discretion. Gradually, you will be able to pump the tank, equipping it with additional armor, maneuverability, and firepower. You have the right to choose a heavily armored vehicle that sweeps away everything in its path or choose a light and maneuverable version.

Become a great tanker by playing Tanki Online

Today, playing Tanki Online for free has become so popular that there is rarely a boy or a man who has not yet experienced all the delights of virtual battles. You don't even have to be a fan of tanks to appreciate all the capabilities of the steel giants in combat conditions. They make their way through the jungle and go through wetlands, they are not afraid of the desert and the earth deformed by explosions of shells. Tanks easily:

  • cross moats and ditches
  • climb up the hill
  • reach great speed, preventing the enemy from leaving

Preferring flash products, players will get a huge range of Tanki Online games. They retain the opportunity to become combat tankers and take part in the battle, but additional plots are also opened that have nothing to do with the war. The main task of such games is the mass destruction of the enemy. The more you shoot him, the more game points you get on your account. But if you prefer more peaceful games:

  • go through the mazes
  • collect bonuses
  • play logic games
  • put together puzzles and even paint frozen tanks.

Tanki Online Tanki Online

All options allow you to play Tanki Online for free, and that's the best part. Here is one of the cars stuck between the blocks, and you need to make it free from imprisonment and move on to the next game stage. Shoot and destroy partitions, but since this is a logic task, you have to break your head over the angle of the shot.

The tank can be used against zombies. There is no better shelter from the bloodthirsty dead than the strong armor of this vehicle. But the shot power is capable of sweeping away several walking corpses at once. Even math lovers will find an opportunity to fight. The shot of your weapon depends on how quickly and correctly you solve the following example. The tasks will become more complicated, so be ready for a serious war. Even in the children's room, a war broke out when a toy tank began to destroy everything around. You will learn more about this when you start playing Tanki Online.

In this section, we offer to play Tanki Online for fans of shooting from powerful weapons. This type of military equipment has become a cult among fans of military simulators and continues to grow in popularity. Every day more players begin to play Tanki Online for free, preferring this type of battle to all others.

Pioneer among tanks

The world's first English-designed tank appeared in 1916 and was called the Mark-1. After the first test, it showed all its shortcomings: many machines failed before the battle started, and others jammed in in the middle of a battle, but even such indicators proved the feasibility of further developments, reducing human losses many times over. When these incredible machines appeared on the battlefield, they plunged the enemies into a real shock, they did not expect to see anything like this in front of them and did not even understand how to deal with this monster.

Today, each country is armed with tank models in various variations in terms of equipment, armor, and firepower. Now each developer is trying to introduce an innovative idea to ensure the uniqueness of the tank and make it more invulnerable, maneuverable, and protected in battle. Each new development is kept in the strictest confidence not to allow the enemy to use modern developments against the inventor country.

Getting to know tanks in online games

Tanki Online Tanki Online

While playing Tanki Online, you will see completely different models that amaze you with their ability to move in any conditions - in wooded areas, swamps, or desert sands, and resist a massive attack.

As far as control is concerned, there is a colossal difference between the first and last tanks. During the Second and First World Wars, the tanker could navigate the terrain only thanks to a slight viewing angle through the gap in the tower. It was a reason why he couldn't fully see what was happening. But now the tanker contemplates the events on the monitor and can see the movement of other equipment using special sensitive locators. The remaining control panels also allow you to perform many other manipulations and respond in time to a change in the situation.


Features of models of equipment

  • Light tank models allow gamers to quickly maneuver, escape from the shelling, and approach the enemy from the rear.
  • Heavier tanks are better protected from direct hits from shells and can make their way through small forests and bushes.

Tanki Online how to play?

Tanki Online Tanki Online Fans of tank battles and history will go through missions that took place in real life and even recognize the landscapes of cities. The choice is also provided not only of equipment but also of the warring party. In addition, playing Tanki Online for free will be interesting in the flash version, where there is no such exact observance of details, and the main goal is to destroy the enemy and earn game points.  

  • By controlling equipment in the location, you need to avoid your death and shoot as many opponents as possible to move on to the next stage of the game.
  • Sometimes you will have to move in a real maze of bushes or walls. This will allow you to quietly approach the enemy to make a striking blow and hide from him to change location. The main thing in such maneuvers is not to drive yourself into a dead end and not substitute yourself for someone else's projectile.
  • You can play a single or double game, and it's always a pleasure to feel the power of controlled equipment.

But you can open and play Tanki Online in a completely different direction:

  • solving logic puzzles;
  • freeing the tank from a confined space by breaking blocks with accurate shots;
  • putting together puzzles with its image;
  • coloring black and white pictures.
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