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Snail Bob Games

Before you start playing Snail Bob games, you need to know that these are logical games that have prepared many intricate traps for visitors. Accompanying the character in locations, you will come across ingenious devices and mechanisms which you have to launch. You need to act according to the scheme, and if you press the button or pull the lever out of time, this isn't going to work. Bob moves without stopping, and you must prevent him from falling onto sharp spikes or from a great height. You have to cover the gaps, walk the path when the pins are hidden, and don't miss the elevator.

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Small but mighty

SNAIL BOB SNAIL BOB You can now play various Snail Bob games for free without any problems because a lot of entertaining computer entertainment has already been released with this character, which is united by a similar plot: a green snail named Bob always gets into some kind of trouble. The player needs to clear his way to exit to the next level and help him safely get out of all his adventures. On the way of the hero, there are dangerous abysses, insurmountable walls, and many other obstacles. But at the same time, some mechanisms eliminate these obstacles:

  • you press, for example, a button - and a mechanical door rises in front of Bob;
  • you pull the lever - and the abyss is closed by a retractable platform;
  • turn the handle and the Snail turns to crawl in the other direction.

Embark on exciting journeys by playing Snail Bob games

Despite the similar gameplay, almost all free Snail Bob games have their unique scenario. For example, in the first part of the adventures of the Snail Bob, his house was destroyed by excavators, and he went to look for a new home. Here you have to think over the movements of the hero well to move to other levels:

  • use lifts;
  • ride carts;
  • connect wires, making an electrical circuit;
  • create bridges under the Snail Bob.

The first part of the game offers adventures on a construction site, where Bob is threatened with falls into the abyss and injury from careless handling of mechanisms.

SNAIL BOB SNAIL BOB The second part tells about Bob's difficult journey. He has to wish his grandfather a happy birthday. During this online game Snail Bob has to crawl through a terrifying forest. These locations are already much more dangerous because many creatures in the woods want to feast on Bob. They prepare traps for him: the caterpillars removed the bridge and put a cauldron of boiling water in its place to cook a soup with Snail, or predatory flowers sharpened their fangs to devour the poor fellow alive. The set of devices with which the Snail can avoid dangers has expanded. Fans and balloons correct Bob's jumping movements, and swinging balls and shooting springs push him toward the exit.

In the third part of his adventures, the Snail used an ancient magical device and transported into exotic Egypt. To complete the game, you need to save the hero from danger using mechanical devices with innovations at this time: you can collect bonus stars at the levels, and a photo gallery will fill up as you complete tasks. There are no dedicated Snail Bob games for girls: the adventures of a funny creature are perfect for boys, girls, and even grannies - any gamer, regardless of gender and age, will have a great time with this character.

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