Zombie games

Zombie games

Free Zombie games online don’t scare us, but when movies about the walking monsters were new, people were afraid to go out alone after a movie session. It seemed to them that the fantasy of the directors would come true. Today we can play for free, destroying zombies in droves, burning them down, shooting them with weapons or throwing vegetables at them. These monsters, although dangerous, are sluggish and easy to destroy. True, they are now also able to cunning and learn, and therefore sometimes you need to approach the matter wisely.

The zombie theme has come up many times over. It seems that nothing new can be expected from them, but the authors demonstrate the result of fantasy and offer us to play new zombie flash games online. The revived monsters are still hungry. They don't feel pain and are hard to kill since they're already dead. But if you cut off their head, you will have a chance to survive. But when you are surrounded by crowds of monsters, your hand with a machete may not withstand hard work. Then it makes sense to use other weapons, for example, a pea shooter.

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Zombie Games Online Zombie Games Online It seems that we already know everything about zombies, but they still remain the main characters in horror movies, comics and zombie games. Everyone who wants to turn into a walking dead knows that for this you need to get under a meteor shower; touch a radioactive object; smell the dust that came from distant planets or find yourself in the epicenter of a laboratory cataclysm. It’s very easy to die, the main thing is to come to life later. But don't worry about it - scientists have already figured out how to awaken you from the grave. It seems that their experiments are aimed only at creating as many walking dead as possible, and it must be admitted that they succeeded in this matter.

How to become a zombie? – play online games!

Zombie shooting games will be the launching pad for starting a war that has begun between people who are still alive and the dead who are already alive. Once zombies cling to your flesh, you can be sure that you will soon join their army - this is how corpses reproduce. But, despite the inconsistency of their existence, zombies can be killed.

Ways to kill zombies

Shoot them! You can fire a full clip of ammo at them, but they will only twitch a little, like in a dance, and continue to hunt for you. And if you don't have a sword, shoot at the head until it explodes. However, by cutting off their head, you will forever put the rebellious soul to rest.

Arm yourself with peas! The wonderful game "Plants vs Zombies" offers a multi-level strategy with elements of the economy, where plants will be your weapon against the crazy dead. Each of them has its own striking power and from level to level of the online zombie game you will get access to different vegetables and fruits. You plant the available crops on the green lawns and repel the invasion of obsessive corpses, which, in turn, also mutate all the time and increase their attacking abilities.

Cafe for the dead

Zombie Games Online Zombie Games Online Many storylines have been based on this theme, and some don’t fit at all with our idea of them, such as Zombie Cafe. In fairness, we must admit that the idea is quite useful.

But on the other hand, we sort of fed them, and now, if they lose their oasis, they will again go out on an open hunt. This means that you need to do everything possible to ensure that the cafe works around the clock, and there is always food available.

The kitchen has all the ingredients for culinary creativity. And instead of cream roses, you will use the wings of bats and beetles to decorate dishes.

The spectacle is not for gourmets, so only true fans of the online zombie games are allowed into the kitchen.


Zombies' sports hobbies

Zombie Games Online Zombie Games Online

Living monsters strive to continue an active social life, and therefore don’t be surprised to see them in a football stadium, running after the ball and standing at the goal. They even have a cheerleading squad with young zombie girls jumping around in short skirts and waving pom-poms. They also race, skateboard and play baseball.

In addition, html5 games about zombies offer:

  • Collect puzzles;
  • Look for identical pictures;
  • Pass the labyrinths;
  • Color the pictures;
  • Dress zombies up and celebrate the New Year.

Zombocalypse is coming!

    In virtual reality, a person can turn into a zombie for many reasons. For example, due to contamination with genetically modified foods - these are ketchups, sweets, cola, hamburgers and other foods. People, having tasted such "food", become insane monsters roaming the streets and attacking everyone they meet there. And the victims of zombies become the same monsters - this is how the infection spreads around the world, destroying entire nations. Only truly brave heroes can resist the monsters. They take up arms and engage the zombies, cutting them open with knives and swords or destroying their bodies with firearms.

Such daredevils don’t need to look for monsters that have crawled out of their graves for a long time, because they are walking around the city streets everywhere. You can fight zombies in:

  • shooting games
  • adventure games
  • arcades
  • strategies

Save the world from the invasion of monsters by playing free Zombie games

Zombie Games Online Zombie Games Online In the simplest version of shooting monsters, the hero’s figure is not visible on the screen, but only the weapon and the aiming point. From afar, the dead begin to come, and you need to quickly put them all down so that they cannot get too close, because then the zombies can attack you and reduce your health. Often, during the game, you can not only shoot, but also move your character through virtual locations. It can be a limited space, into which more and more waves of zombies come from all sides. The only chance for the hero to escape is to shoot the monsters, trying not to let them get too close to him. Often the battle with zombies takes place in a large area like a city. The character of such a game can go out into the streets, enter the premises. Everywhere he is met by the dead, and he is ready to shoot them to the last bullet.

Free Zombie games often limit the amount of ammunition, but they can be replenished with the help of special artifacts, and as you explore the territories, you can find more powerful weapons. Sometimes for the victory in the destruction of zombies experience points are awarded, which can be spent on improving the characteristics of the hero. There are games in which zombies must be destroyed using mines. In each level, the dead are hiding in defensive buildings, but you have a limited amount of explosives, which is enough to not only destroy the building, but also crush the monsters with its debris.

You can shoot zombies with a cannon - the dead are located at a distance, and you need to determine the angle and strength of the shot so that the balls accurately hit them. Some free Zombie games allow you to organize squads to fight the zombie threat. For example, you can lead a group of survivors that have barricaded themselves in several buildings and are trying to revive human civilization. Try these and many other zombie flash games in this section of our website!

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