Solitaire online. Solitaire games

Solitaire online. Solitaire games

In any free computer built several types of solitaire, and we have already learned to play spider solitaire, or headscarf, but with the advent of the online version, so ancient solitaire games have become more diverse. Now we can select and play card arcades and castle sieges, stylized Mahjong. Interesting topics impart flavor to the process, and you will find among the variety of card illustrations, shirts from the Ice Age, with the magic bias, the heroes of the anime. There is even a children's quite simple solitaire game with Dora, aquarium fish, the evolution of dinosaurs.

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Card Solitaire from the beginning of occurrence up to now

Solitaire online. Solitaire games Solitaire online. Solitaire games

Who never played solitaire? The question is rather rhetorical, because this card game has long been a free application on your computer, it is easy to download on a smartphone, tablet or play solitaire online. The word "patience" has French roots (patience), and is translated as "patience." Some types of games are really so complex that they require patience to board ran correctly. But there are plenty of simple and versions that can be added within a few minutes in between times.

Although patience – a French word, it is believed that the birthplace of solitaire is Germany or Scandinavia. The first mention of the game in Germany XVIII century in two versions: Cabale and Patience. One British historian researched the topic and found that the original solitaire played together, and each had their own deck.

Now consider the existing version can not be fun – They number in the hundreds. And often people prefer to not just play solitaire, and with their help to resort to divination. You can make a vital issue and expand the map. If the hand was going well, then, the answer to the question is yes, Put forth.  

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Among the most popular virtual solitaire all familiar with:

  • Solitaire
  • Tapeworm
  • Spider
  • The pyramid
  • Algerian  
  • , Scorpion

To play was interesting, shirts cards and background color in interesting topics. Children choose to illustrate cartoon characters, as Halloween and Christmas theme. Funny pirate look, mystical, medieval, space solitaire card and based on the comic. But adult gamblers will see classic and even erotic cards, where queens and kings are dressed in bathing suits and bask on the beach under palm trees.

For each game online solitaire spelled out the rules that will help to understand the way of gameplay. There are built-in and pre-training tips or roller. Choosing the complexity of the alignment, you have different options, such as the right to cancel the last move or a hint for the next.

Solitaire – the perfect companion for every day

Solitaire online. Solitaire games Solitaire online. Solitaire games Perhaps the most enjoyable solitaire, it is their accessibility and spread out in every situation. If earlier it was necessary to carry the deck and look for a secluded place, but now children have smartphones, which are always present your favorite games.

Such simple options like "Solitaire" or "spider" can be opened if there was any free time, which must be something to do. Two seconds, and you have already begun to play solitaire online for free. And the more often you refer to it, the more experienced you become. Each time you quickly and successfully cope with the task of earning points that are awarded for the number of successful movements and speed. Your result is stored in the network and becomes a record that has beat the other participants seek.

Solitaire also became a favorite game of office workers. They are allowed to be distracted for a few minutes on the current problems, to take a break from routine. But many so addicted that it is difficult to stop the spread maps again and again. I would like to play another game, the last, and then back to work accurately. But the latter, suddenly, in a line becomes more and more. Remarkably, the gameplay can continue to think about important issues. Those who have long been familiar with the Solitaire, start collecting them automatically, without thinking. This not only does not prevent, a, and it helps to find a logical solution for the game and the theme of reflection.


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