Chess games

Chess games

Chess online - one of the oldest board game online. You need to use your logic and strategic skills to win your opponent. The game starts with 16 pieces for both players on a checkerboard (8x8). There are thousands of combinations you can use to win an opponent. How to win in free chess games online - put an opposite king under direct attack which he can't escape (it is called checkmate). Train your brain, thinking and planning skills, attentiveness. Be shure, this game is really useful in any age for everyone. Check it out!

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The complex and addictive free chess games

Chess Games online Today, Chess games does not lead us into the divine awe and became familiar, even mundane. In many families there is a set of chess, which looks like a small, marching variant with magnetic base figures. Or the beautiful, stylish of their performance, where all elements reminiscent of the work of art They are masters of the delicate work of carving in wood, bone or metal, but the figures themselves look unconventional, reminding soldiers in full uniform. The chess playing children and adults, but if you go to the park in the summer, you will definitely see on the benches notorious players, which is surrounded by fans, always ready to give useful advice.

Chess history

Despite the fact that we used to take the game home, its roots grow out of the Indian culture of the sixth century. They say that chess originated on the basis of Chaturanga, and only then, when he was in Africa, Asia and Europe, have undergone changes. Acquired traits are familiar to us only in the fifteenth century, although they continued to evolve for some time, until the rules have not taken a single standard. Everyone is familiar with such expressions as: checkmate. It is on these two components and shares the name of , chess comes to us from Persia, which means King died .

Game characteristics

Chess Games online With regard to the direction of the gameplay, it can be attributed both to the logical, intellectual, athletic and Gambling. Chess held the Olympic competition, and although they can not be called a spectacular show, yet fans and a lot of them.

  • The game is a board with a marking in the sixty-four cells, where alternate white with black.
  • The situation is similar with figures they are also painted in the colors and exhibited on the field on both sides of the board are always in the manner prescribed by the rules.
  • First, the players cast lots for who will play what chess. This fall white, he makes the first move.
  • The game involves two players, but there is an option when a GM is simultaneous sessions against multiple opponents.
  • Each turn, carefully recorded all the competing, and they are made in accordance with the personal intuition, knowledge of famous games played and the possibility of figures move through the cells of a strictly-defined pattern.

Chess online vs Computer

The play chess professionals and beginners. The game develops memory, intellect, logic and helps in the study of mathematics. If you can not meet for another session, you will come to the aid the opportunity to play chess with the computer. To win his difficult, because the artificial intelligence keeps in memory all held successful and unsuccessful steps, but because it's a real challenge to their own abilities.

Chess Games online Virtual version of the varied and in addition to the traditional chess games, you will see other proposals. Some are so colorful that it's hard to resist the temptation to practice the principle of the game, even if you've remained indifferent to it.
On the field of battle is unfolding in the whole animation, figures soldiers, armed to the teeth. Their shape is in the details, and you can see's stripes, weapons and even buttons on the form. Busy people or those who can not leave home, can now play chess with the computer, improving their skills. There is no need to find a partner and storage board with figures, because chess online play allows virtually no extra devices. Even stranger can keep you company for the evening, or to become a permanent partner, and we offer to play chess online without registration.

Now the free chess games has become almost exotic. New generation in the bulk of absolutely no idea of u200bu200bhow and why these figures move on a checkered board. And only few of them know that you can play chess with the computer. Which, incidentally, is just an outlet for fans of this strategy game. After all, to find a partner to play a couple of interesting games, becoming every day more and more difficult. A computer is always at hand. And it can not be called easy opponent. Sometimes these games make chess more filled with the spirit of competition than a battle with a real enemy. Many who set a goal to beat the electronic brain does not stop trying for months. And all to no avail!

Play chess with a computer can each. But only able to beat his man endowed with breadth of mind and truly open mind. These qualities mind can oppose pre-programmed and calculating machines. That imagination and flexible thinking, combined with observation, calculation, and strategic thinking to create a real players. Do you have a chance? You do not know until you try. In chess you can play online on the set of resources. But only the site, where you are right now, gives you the ability to play chess online without registration.

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