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Chess Games

It’s not necessary to have a board with pieces to play chess - it’s enough to have the Internet. On the Game-Game site, you can play this game online with a computer or live players for free, without registration. Difficulty levels are different, so amateurs, beginners, professionals, adults, and kids can play. Games do not need to be downloaded - just open and play.

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Why is it interesting to play chess online?

CHESS If you don't have a sparring partner for a 1v1 chess game, you can play with artificial intelligence (AI) bot. And he is not so stupid: he keeps in memory all the successful and unsuccessful steps that have taken place. And this is a real challenge to his abilities - not every person can do this. In other words, this is a full-fledged opponent - heavier than many chess players. What do we offer:

  • the best chess online;
  • play chess against computer;
  • chess for children;
  • chess online with friends;
  • Fast game loading speed;
  • 2 player chess.

In addition, online chess is interesting because you can play it without even knowing the moves of the pieces. But you will quickly learn. When you move the cursor over a particular shape, the AI shows possible options for where to go. Thus, you memorize the moves and learn in such a way. You won't even notice when you start playing complex games against strong opponents!

How to play chess on PC, laptop, or phone



Our site has a large selection of online chess, including full-screen (not every gaming resource has this option). You enter a name in the search, and the filter returns the results. There are games with standard pieces (classic), and there are interesting animations - for example, pieces in the form of armed soldiers.

You choose the game and mode - against a computer or a live person. So, you have the chance to play with people from all over the world. On our site, you can improve your skills, play with strong opponents and enjoy the process - after all, chess is not in vain called the royal game.

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