Sudoku games

Sudoku games

It's time to forget about the paper magazine with puzzles, because the era of technological progress, and now you can run a free online Sudoku game to play in your favorite fun, choosing simple or most complex version of it. It is so versatile that all ages fascinated by offering to place the numbers in the cells so that they may not be repeated, but create the same amount in each row. Start with a simple example, if you are a novice, and felt strength to cope with the more difficult option, run the appropriate task.

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Games Sudoku for real intellectuals

Sudoku games online Popularity intellectual games in the pre-computer era was extremely high. The fact that many of the people could simply buy newspapers and solve crossword puzzles, solving puzzles, even play Sudoku for free they could at any time. Then there were specialized publications. The puzzle-oriented publications are already making emphasis on the consumer of the product. The advent of computers pushed crosswords secondary. After all, the possibility of computers can be used for more colorful and more demanding activities. But time showed the game on their shelves. For example, to play Sudoku online tends more and more residents of the internet. And the secret here is simple – in an era of dominance of bright design and contrasting colors, not only on TV but also in the global network, the human eye wish to relax. A Sudoku together providing these people the opportunity to relax with use. After all, to solve these mysteries requires uncommon possession logic. Besides, sudoku online play much more exciting. After all, a computer program has a greater potential. You can not think about what to do next after solving a puzzle. Simply generate a new one. By the way, do you remember those martyred newspaper page on which there is no place on the pencil inscription and erasure? So on a computer that does not happen. In most games, you can solve Sudoku in a convenient editor. You can set yourself notes, written in every cell to four hypothetical figures. Agree, it is much more convenient and intuitive. However, you can make it harder for yourself solving a Sudoku are not taking advantage of all these features. For fans there is also a very complex program, not showing you any clues, except that make you go all the way from a few digits to fully populated playing field. Our site provides a unique opportunity to join the world to unique multiplayer gaming in mind games of any complexity. After playing Sudoku online allows any computer, and it means that you will never be without your favorite puzzle.

The history and rules of the popular game

Sudoku games online The first variation of numerical crossword Sudoku appeared in the 18th century, but the real popularity came to him only in the 1980s, when they began to print puzzles, in a Japanese magazine. Sudoku rules are not very complex – playing field is divided into nine squares, each of which also includes nine more smaller cells. The task of the puzzle – enter in each small square of the numbers 1 through 9, but that there was no repetition of all horizontal and vertical lines, and in all the blocks of nine small cells. Each puzzle has a helper figures already placed in some squares and you need to solve puzzles, starting from them.

Sudoku games online In sudoku play for free can not only paper but also a lot of options this crossword puzzle on the Internet that can be printed. In addition, numerical puzzles formed the basis of the set of browser-based mini-games, which allows Sudoku to play online on the computer. This method is suitable for beginners – After all, a computer program dictates what numbers can be inserted into one or the other box, and which are not allowed there. Most often, when the player clicks on a cell, there is a numerical series from which the cursor select the desired option. If, for example, in a row already have such a number, then substitute it into the box simply does not happen. Or the numbers in the boxes are green, when installed in the correct position, and red if an error is made. This saves a lot of time, which on paper Sudoku spent on validation solutions.

In Sudoku you can play online even with different levels of complexity. This does not affect the number of cells already filled, and the methodology of solving the puzzle. One of the easiest option – when in the process of solving a crossword puzzle on the field is always a cell into which you can insert only one number. Sophisticated versions of Sudoku can take several hours or even days. This slow pace is one of the distinguishing features of Sudoku – the player takes every decision carefully, reflects on his every action. Play Sudoku online in this section of our site as you can in the classic and in the modern variants of a rather unusual way. Games built on the principle of sudoku there with food and with muzzles fun monsters & hellip; For example, there is a flower sudoku in which instead of numbers in a cell to insert colored buds. In this game you can choose the size of the playing field to get used to the peculiarities of fun at a very simple task. And also provides a clue that points to the flowers, not established in its place.

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