Strategy Games Online

Strategy Games Online

Strategy is the most popular game category. Girls and boys love to play here for free, parents are also not averse to fighting with virtual armies, repelling the enemy. In addition to classic simulators, html5-based products are in demand. Actions begin immediately after changing some settings, and actions instantly gain momentum. Place robots on buildings while blocking the enemy's path to the main object, destroy all kinds of monsters and aliens, but in peaceful versions become a creator and start to control equipment, construction, people - here you also need a strategy.

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Strategy games online for free available to everyone

Strategy Games Online - Play for free online Strategy Games Strategy Games Online - Play for free online Strategy Games Starting a business, there is always a plan where to start and where to go. There is no other way, because then chaos will begin, and nothing's gonna work out. Open strategy games for free to make the planning process more explicit, and use a game example to learn how to control the situation  by setting the right direction.

We have great simulators of all kinds to please girls and boys of all ages. And the strategies are divided into:

  • Military strategies
  • Browser strategies online
  • Turn-based strategies (TBS)
  • RTS (real-time strategy)

The military theater puts on its own plays

War is not just shooting games, but a complex mechanism, the mechanic of which you will become. Wars are fought by armies, and armies must be trained, armed, clothed, fed, and housed. But food runs out, clothes wear out, weapons break down. This means that you need constant access to all elements in order to maintain the combat effectiveness of the soldiers. How to do it? Play strategy games online and learn.
Strategy Games Online - Play for free online Strategy Games Strategy Games Online - Play for free online Strategy Games

Establishing a military base, train fighters on the bridgehead, set up mining, open the production of weapons, make friends with neighbors. Relationships with neighbors are an important link to success. You will trade or exchange things with them, and when an enemy attacks, you can count on the help of allies. You can also recruit soldiers from other lands into your army, and if the level of your economy is sufficient to interest them, they themselves will ask you. You should always have capital, but you need to increase it in order to increase the level of weapons and have influence on your neighbors - whoever has more finances, he runs the show.

Starting with simple and affordable actions, with the right allocation of resources, you will achieve amazing results in the future. The main thing is to think over your steps, and especially the first ones, because it depends on how well your things will go on. Transformed into a powerful army, you will defeat enemies and annex their lands to yours in order to work again on how to strengthen the borders and ensure prosperity for the population. Military strategies can be without economic overtones. Then your task is to protect the city or structure. Here it is necessary to put the soldiers on points, so that the enemy always falls under the flurry of your fire.

Strategy Games Online - nothing superfluous, just logic and business

Strategy Games Online - Play for free online Strategy Games

Peaceful online strategies are aimed at building and developing business or logic. These can be:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Farms
  • Cities

You can sit behind such a game all day. Each level turns the institution or buildings into more and more luxurious enterprises. New useful tools and buildings appear on farms, in the city small houses are replaced by cottages, and then mansions and castles. Restaurants are starting to serve a variety of dishes, and modern technology speeds up the work. Stores are becoming more attractive for customers with their interior decoration and assortment, and in hotels, residents enjoy expanded services.

But in order to purchase an additional thing, you need to work hard: harvest, serve customers, cure the sick. Rewards are acquired gradually, and who knows, you may become the owner of a network of enterprises, and your profits will become truly impressive. Try yourself in different areas, because you can do anything: fish, mine gold, harvest honey, refuel cars, cook burgers, build roads in Rome. The strategy can also be used in board games, for example, battleship, checkers, chess and tic-tac-toe.

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