Strategy games

Strategy games

Strategy games most popular columns. Here love is free to play, girls and boys, parents are also not averse to the virtual fight armies, reflecting the enemy. In addition to the classical simulators, products based on flash enjoy the attention. The action begins immediately after the minor adjustments, and the events immediately gaining momentum. Arrange robots on buildings, shutting the enemy the way to the main object, destroy all kinds of monsters and aliens, but peaceful options you create, controlling appliances, building, people here, too, we need a strategy. The site features top 10, top 20, top 50 and top 100 games in the strategy genre. Also added a lot of html5 games strategies that work perfectly on the android smartphones, tablets and the Apple iPhone and iPad devices in 2018. In all strategy games you can play onine in browser on a PC and on a mobile phone without downloading the game to the device.

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Strategy games available for free to all

Strategy games Strategy games Since a certain thing, always have a plan, how to start and what to come. Otherwise, no way, because then begins the chaos, and nothing can not be released. Open strategy games for free, to make the planning process more explicit, and an example of a game to learn to control the situation, asking her own direction.
We have excellent simulations of various areas to cater to girls and boys of all ages. And they themselves are divided on the strategy

  • Military Strategy
  • Economic Strategy

Military Theatre puts his plays

The war is not just a shooter and complex mechanism, which will become a mechanic you. Wars are fought armies and armies necessary to train, equip, clothe, feed and lodge. But the end products, clothes wear out, the weapon goes down. So you need constant access to all the elements to maintain the combat capability of the soldiers. How to do it? Play online strategy, and learn.

Strategy games Strategy games Basing a military base, train soldiers on the beachhead, Naladte mining, open the manufacture of weapons, make friends with the neighbors. Relations with neighbors – it is an important element for success. With them you will sell or exchange things, but the attack of the enemy, you can count on the help of allies. You can also recruit others to land a soldier in his army, and if the level of your economy will be enough to get them interested, they will ask you.
You should always be capital, but it should increase to raise the level of arms and have an impact on the neighbors – who has more of Finance, who rules the ball.

Starting from simple and available actions, properly allocate resources, you will achieve great results in the future. The main thing is to think through your moves, especially the first, because it affects how well you do things will go on. Become a powerful aria you will win enemies and attach them to their land again to work on how to strengthen the border and to ensure the prosperity of the population.
The military strategy can be economic without color. Then your task is to defend the city or structures. You've got to put soldiers on the points that the enemy always fall under the barrage of your fire.

There is nothing superfluous, only the logic and business

Strategy games

Peace online strategy aimed at construction and development of the business or logical. These may include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Hospitals  
  • Farms
  • City

For this toy you can sit all day. Each level makes the establishment or construction of more luxury companies. On the farm there are new useful tools and buildings in the city of small houses are replaced by cottages, and then the mansions and castles. Restaurants start serving a variety of dishes and modern technology accelerates. Stores become more attractive to buyers interiors and assortment, and the hotel residents enjoy enhanced service.

However, to buy an additional item, it is necessary to work fine: harvest, serve customers, to cure the sick. The benefits are acquired gradually, and who knows, maybe you will become the owner of the enterprise network and your profit will be truly impressive. Try yourself in different areas, because you can deal with anything: fish, dig for gold, collecting honey, fill the machine to cook burgers, to build roads of Rome. Strategy can be used in table games, such as sea battle, checkers, chess, tic-tac-toe.

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