War games

War games

The lessons learned, and to play free online games about war should be scheduled. Neither the boy, respecting yourself, do not miss the new product, where you can shoot a gun, having mastered the modern or medieval his appearance. And if not and, obtain the energy sphere and throw them at the enemy. Howl, even birds and animals that people are really there. The main thing to decide on the tactics, put the patrol, find the weak spot of the enemy, and throw grenades, stones, bricks or tomatoes.

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Play war games online A great variety of exploits on the battlefield can boast online games war. You can choose the version with the classic weapons and stylized as the real war, or send to enroll in a fantastic country, where the battle is conducted by means of magic between the elves and orcs. You can even become a caveman and not to allow its territory representative from another tribe, masterfully striking baton. Play the game about war can be one or referring friends to paired to make a real breakthrough, defeating the enemy forces and cleared the area of ​​mines.

The choice of weapons

During the war, as they say, all the tools handy. In our virtual shop you will find the light and heavy equipment, different techniques and toolbox:

  • Cannon
  • The machine guns
  • Machines
  • Gun
  • Grenade
  • Flamethrowers
  • Bazooka
  • Tanks
  • Play war games online Aircraft
  • Ships  
  • The swords
  • Luke
  • The batons latest development of the Stone Age

During the game about World War II, you will learn about the possibilities of the art of those times and will control tanks and planes, passing the mission. Or become infantry, which adopts the most difficult task at the best, holding the enemy at the turn. Provided and the role of a sniper who must neutralize the firing point to his squad could move on, pushing the front line of the enemy, vykashivaya its ranks.

In addition to the toys mini flash shooting should be carried out parallel to the task, for example, go through a maze to find the items. Managing Tanchico, use walls and bushes as cover, to suddenly attack the enemy object, and then dive into the fence.

The aircraft can hide except in the cloud, but you will not see anything. Do the "holes" and "dead loop" to confuse the enemy and not allow themselves to knock out. In the role of a parachutist need to be exactly in the designated point, and during the jump sometimes have to shoot ground targets.

It is possible to go to a few centuries ago, to play in the war, dressed in armor. Precipitated or vice versa – Protect the castle using the available means

  • Kamnemetalki
  • Rams
  • Luke
  • Boiling Oil

Play war games online Play war games online Medieval battle no less spectacular than the game about World War II. There is a specificity and opportunities, and that the unknown always causes interest. In some subjects it offered two parallel lines – military affairs, along with economic development. For this purpose it is to develop the mine, mining resources; to make the necessary items; trade; conclude treaties of alliance; together reflect the attacks of enemies.

Fantastic, spectacular battle

Having to fight hard to stop, and there is no need, because in front of the most fascinating. Now the threat comes from deep space, so that the direct gaze and arms up. Alien invaders arrived with the aim to enslave the Earth, but the real heroes will not allow this. Choose a brand-new ship, equipped with laser guns, and starting to meet the danger. Bring down kosmitov, not allowing them to get close to the orbit of the planet, so that not a trace of them. The fight came together as residents of the world of fantasy. They fight for the ideas of good and evil, using a spell, forces of nature, swords and bows.

Between a fight with the pirates, especially when in the hands of them is a treasure map. Every band wants to get the jewels, but for this it is necessary to destroy the opponents. In the course are knives and guns, the sea unfolding present carnage, and when boarded the ship begins melee. Fight to the last, to be a winner in a pirate war.

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