Farm games

Farm games

Finally, it is summer! You can forget about the school and the endless lessons, went to the village to overeat fruit, swim in the river and view the night sky, where the stars are much larger and brighter than in the city. But if before the holidays still far away, pass the time you will be free online game Farm. With the characters of fun you can have fun, to drive a motorcycle with sculpin Otis or play in economic simulator, becoming a real farmer. Rest is not necessary, but will earn a capital market by selling the fruits of their activity.

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Farm games online Farm games online In order to play games online for free farm, it is not necessary that the window was summer. This is the beauty of video games – we always the weather that contributes to a good harvest. But you sit idly by is not necessary. So, roll up your sleeves, put on a glove and go on a virtual garden.

Where to start to play the game farm?

As usual – from planting seeds in the ground and watering them. Sprouts not long in coming, and soon hatch subsequently to bring the first fruits. The collection also better not to procrastinate, or they will wither and become unsuitable for further exploitation. And since you have decided to do farming business not because you're bored at home, then on your actions will determine the future of clear profit.

Games online farm, it is nothing like the economic simulations. You are committed to earn in the cultivation and sale of the fruits of your labors. Every vegetable, grain, berries and animals turn into hard cash.

  • The harvest should be promptly collected, sent to the warehouse and from there to the market.  
  • have to sell at a good price and to monitor closely the demand.  
  • Know that you do not buy something that is not currently required, and therefore keep abreast of trade relations.

To work with a shovel can only be at the beginning, when your land area is quite small, but as it grows, you will feel an acute shortage of serious art. During the game farm game gets interesting. You have new opportunities and open as they replenish your virtual cash account. You can get rid of the junk, and in its place put more sophisticated equipment, which is very ease your work.

We are looking for business partners

The conclusion of agreements and contracts – Another part of the gameplay the game online for free farm. Cafes and restaurants will offer you cooperation and taking the conditions required to deliver their fresh food products in the agreed amount and at the appropriate time. If you ignore the supply of the first request from you quickly give up and resort to the services of competitors. If you work well organized, you have nothing to be afraid of failures in business.

harvest and turn into finished products

Farm games online Farm games online Attracts play farm and the opportunity to become a true monopolist – you will build their own little factories and factories for the processing of raw materials. Finished or semi-finished products always cost more and therefore bring significant profits. Now you start to not sell eggs, egg powder; no grain or flour and bakery products; no meat, and sausage. A similar situation with dairy products – sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, butter.

The choice of topics is quite wide and always have a choice on what you want to specialize – on vegetables or animals. Each version of its nuances. If herbal products must be protected from weeds and bugs, the livestock is attacked by predators.

While chickens grazing in the meadow, and lay their eggs in the grass just to them and selected Lions attack. Coping with them is not so difficult as it seems. You will not speak out against them with a gun. It is enough to flip a few times a predator that has grown around the cell. But leave it to the concluded long position is not necessary, as it is with time get out of it and continue the hunt. It is better to send it to market and sell – excess profits yet no one prevented.

Start playing the farm just now, and build the business of their dreams. Develop it slowly and lovingly, and to see the hand of his act, open panorama and it will show you the wonderful views. How beautiful gardens and fields stretch!

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