Exit the room games

Exit the room games

If you want to have an interesting time, we offer you to play free "Exit the room" games online, where you have to break your head over every step. When you play, try to think about the beneficial aspects of your unenviable position and try to unravel the tricky tangle of tasks. Even if there are no visible clues, they are still there, they just need to be found. Learn the inscriptions, look under the paintings and cabinets, move objects and find clues, codes and keys. There is no such place from which there is no way out, it’s simply safely hidden from you, but a keen eye will always find a trap door.

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Exit the room games online Have you ever been alone in an unfamiliar room for a long time? If the answer is yes, then you know what unpleasant feelings come up after a few minutes. You want to immediately leave it and be among familiar faces. But what if it's not possible? Horror films have repeatedly turned to this theme in order to develop it in the most incredible ways. Remember the plots of the films "Saw" or "Cube", where a group of people find themselves in an unknown room, and don't understand how they got there and what needs to be done to get out.

Computer products keep on the idea

How to find a way out of a dangerous situation? Online "Exit the room" games ask this question in every game version. Not everything is as simple as it seems at first. The doors are boarded up or locked with a key, which of course you don't have. The windows are also shuttered and cannot be opened. There are no hopeless situations, and if you remember this, you can always come up with something. In games of this genre, there are always a lot of offers and they are related to quest games. You also need here:

  • look for artifacts;
  • analyze the received information;
  • let the items the opportunity to interact with each other and with the objects in space.

Exit the room games online Any idea has the right to life, because in the virtual world, not everything obeys logic. And when it seems that all the options have been tried, but to no avail, it means that you missed something very small, inconspicuous, which is difficult to see right away. Use a cursor over every centimeter on the playing field in search of active zones. A bare wall can conceal a safe or a hole into another room behind the plaster, a hatch can be hidden under the carpet, a piece of wire can be disguised on a chandelier in numerous ceiling lamps. Remember that any little thing can become decisive on the path to salvation. Sometimes items are so cleverly hidden that they cannot be seen even if you look at this place several times. Knowing this feature, try to be a sharp-sighted detective, because your fate in the game depends on it.


Exit the room games online

Timeframe of "Exit the room" games

  In some games, you are given a limited time to escape, during which you need to have time to orient yourself in space, find everything you need, use it with other items, perform a series of logical actions and leave the perimeter. But in other options, you have nowhere to rush and you can enjoy the process for as long as you wish. Even if you were invited to dinner, you can safely leave the fun halfway to a solution and return to it with renewed vigor to take up your role from the moment you left off.

Exit the room games online

Popular places of being trapped

Online "Exit the room" games most often offer to escape from the school, prison, cemetery and spaceship. These are predictable options and it is difficult to surprise anybody by them. But imagine that you have been preparing for a first date for a long time and organized it in the best traditions of a romantic evening. And when the meeting time almost arrived, you found that you could not open the doors to let your love in. Calmly! No panic! Breathe in more air and start thinking rationally: what can be done to correct a stupid situation? Start acting, and in the course of events it will become clear to you what steps you need to take. You will have many chances to demonstrate your logic in order to get out of a closed space, no matter what it turns out to be - created by human hands or extraterrestrial civilization.

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