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IO games

IO games have become mega popular because of the simplicity and thrilling action. Play them you can completely free of charge. Choice is great, you can become a worm fighting for food, small cell, and the absorption of other atoms are divisible by in case of danger, or brave tanker with guns blazing. The main goal - to survive, to become the biggest and destroy as many opponents as possible. The online immediately are thousands of players from around the world to prove their superiority over the other is difficult enough, but training is required to bring the desired result. Selecting an image of the character is free.
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Game IO fascinate and captivate

IO games Recently, there has been a tendency to avoid games with a serious background, the presence of many characters, rules and conventions to absolutely simple and understandable scenarios. The IO series of online games is a vivid example of these products being held at the highest levels of the rating long enough to prove their worth.

Play in IO games like all generations, and this is another proof of their popularity. But the authors of the project, it seems, the ideas never end, since, following the novelty, the next one soon appears, behind it again and again. Leaving unchanged the main feature of all games, developers create new conditions, where players again have to demonstrate their ability to survive.

Offers from Io

What the authors did not come up with to please the players. There is a separate topic for everyone, and if you are not a fan of shooters and violence, you can play football by trying to win the European Cup or in HaxBal, where everyone tries to get hold of a white ball.

IO games Players from different countries join the process of online IO games to defend their place among the stars. A small spacecraft replenishes its vital resources, trying not to die in a shootout and cause damage to the enemy.

enemies are enough, and there is a war to be in different territories and time intervals. The Middle Ages look quite different in the Wilds, where a crowd of angry knights, Vikings and men with clubs and axes runs around to destroy their competitors.

At the time of Super Snake, you accompany the little snake on a walk, helping her not to become the food of larger brethren, eating special food. It becomes more, and already itself represents a threat to others.

A very similar situation with the Slither toy, where the worm also has to be controlled, which glows beautifully, absorbing the food around it to grow.
Particular attention is paid to the collection of tanks. Diep, TankWars, Tankar. io, Duel Tanks and Tanx are proudly compilation. It seems that the tank theme will still be at the peak of popularity among military equipment fans, so why not arrange a global battle without long preparations and tactics, destroying the enemy? Your technique must be developed to get additional features.

Distinctive features of the games Io

IO games Free IO games, this is one of the nice features of the gaming product line. The graphics always remain primitive, as if we were at the beginning of the computer era, and we observe its first steps in the field of creating toys. This nostalgia is understandable to the adult generation, which has survived and remembers this stage. Young people enjoy the phenomenon of "pixel graphics" as an original, interesting solution, a fashionable trend.

IO Games for free will give a lot of fun during the passage of dynamic adventures. High speed is another feature of toys. Whatever the plot, the player is always forced to be alert, to respond quickly to the situation, try to survive and win.

Logging in here is allowed only after registration, and gamers see all participants online, which are represented by flags of their country. In a concise form, you can express the features of fun like this:

  • High dynamics of the events
  • Constant competition between players
  • Quick change from favorable to unfavorable
  • Continuous Survival Process
  • Decretion of mass and strength due to the absorption of objects: feed and smaller brothers
  • In general, the player acts alone, but the team game is rarely possible
  • A lot of chances to resume gameplay after the death of the character.
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