Fireboy and Watergirl Games

Fireboy and Watergirl Games

Fireboy and Watergirl online is a popular 2-player game that teaches you how to interact with each other - negotiate, give in, help out, and make various decisions together. This exciting game will plunge you into a world of adventure, danger, and true friendship. The Game-Game website has a large selection of html5 games without registration, which can be played in full screen right from the page without pre-downloading, registering, and installing on a PC.

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Fireboy and Watergirl online: the plot of the game

Fire and Water are two incompatible elements that this game has united. According to the plot, the main characters are the boy Fire and the girl Water, who have become inseparable friends in the game. They have to go through many labyrinths and ancient temples with many traps, secrets, and puzzles, face various difficulties and dangers, and also find multi-colored crystals to keep them viable. This is the main goal of the game. With each level, the tests will become more and more difficult. Therefore, it will be impossible to win the game without mutual assistance, unity, and mutual support. The level will be considered passed when both main characters are at the finish, otherwise, the game stops.

Fireboy and Watergirl Fireboy and Watergirl

How to play the Fireboy and Watergirl games?

There is nothing complicated here. One of the players controls Watergirl, using the A, D, and W keys on the keyboard, and the other controls Fireboy, using the arrow keys. To pass the level, Fireboy and Watergirl need to go from the bottom of the labyrinth, where the game started,  to the top and pass through the doors.

Game locations:

  • Crystal Temple;
  • Ice Temple;
  • Forest Temple;
  • Candy Forest;
  • Light Temple;
  • Magic Temple;
  • Zombie world;
  • The world of dinosaurs and more.

All sorts of obstacles await the heroes on the way, and knowledge of their abilities, due to the physical properties of Fireboy and Watergirl, will help to cope with them. For example, water will not swim through the fire, as it will evaporate in it, and fire will not be able to cross the small lakes found in labyrinths, since it will go out. At the same time, Watergirl easily overcomes small lakes, and Fireboy - bonfires. Deadly for a boy and a girl are acidic green puddles that pollute Water and extinguish Fire. Partners have to cope with them at the same time.

It is also important to know that haste will not lead to good since you can fall into a trap, and your partner will not be able to help in any way.

Fireboy and Watergirl Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl - fun for the whole family

It's an uncomplicated, exciting, and addictive game at the same time that is suitable for both adults and kids. On our site, you can always play Fireboy and Watergirl games (for 1, 2, and 3 players) for free in your leisure time and also find many other interesting and educational games.

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