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Free Online Games Cold Heart, it is almost the story of Snow Queen, only slightly modified. Before you appear: Olaf snowman, reindeer Sven, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff. It's good characters that fall into the complex history and try to find the best option to exit and save the situation. Together with them, you'll be playing in a variety of subject areas. Find the differences in the colorful pictures, save them from unnecessary details and find the pieces of the picture. Search for duplicate cards and differences will be a useful activity for observation, training, and paint and dress up entertain the creative mind.

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The birth of a fairy tale

Online Games Frozen Online Games Frozen In 2013 the studio Walt Disney Pictures released the animated film « Cold Heart » in the fantasy genre. He made quite recognizable style – a lot of music and songs, but were applied and the new computer animation technology. The film was exciting, however, as all products studio, and even managed to get an Oscar. It lasts 102 minutes, which exceeds the usual duration of the series of Disney. Responsibly, the film together and record the number of pieces of music. Tape is recommended for family viewing, and the audience will see in it the elements of action and special spice – sharp and sometimes even a bit of crude humor.

The story revolves around Princess Anne, Olaf snowman, deer and brave Sven Kristoff, who without hesitation to conquer the harsh snowy mountain peaks to save Elsa – older sister Anna. She accidentally left a curse on their kingdom, and now it reigns eternal winter, condemning the residents of surrounding land to a gradual freezing. Our heroes waiting for an extremely dangerous journey, which will make these feats.

The story traces the theme of Andersen's fairy tales « Snow Queen », but with some changes. If the writer evil Snow Queen and inaccessible, in this cartoon, the role played by Elsa and appears to us a sorceress who tries to cope with his gift. At the same time it guessed and features Kaya. Anna – This Gerd Andersen, whose heart was struck by the magic of ice sister. If you recall the young robber, you will know it in the form of Kristoff. Another curious fact is that it was initially planned to make Elsa really angry, but when producers have identified a song for her « let go and forget », which penetrated all in the heart, decided that the villainous image of it is not very suitable. Instead of looking for a new musical repertoire, we decided to rewrite the script, making the character more positive.

Exciting game Cold Heart

Online Games Frozen The young animation product has already managed to get fans and game options Cold Heart, which are dominated by the task of searching for the item. While characters travel, overcome obstacles and perform feats looking for a way to save his sister Princess, you will train vigilance, much to help the heroes. Games for girls Cold Heart presented the most beautiful, illustrious and dear Queen Elsa. You get a real pleasure, choosing her jewelry and clothes. You have the ability to change the background on which it is displayed, and then proceed to the details of the wardrobe. You try on her

  • a new hairstyle,
  • footwear;  
  • The accessory;
  • clothes;

Every time a new thing on heroin shine pure light. Just click on the style, and it will be on the queen. This hairstyle can be selected even in different colors, which makes the creative process.

about the game Cold Heart relevant in winter, and in summer the heat will help to calm the carousing outside. Snow in the picture sparkles and shimmers, but our heroes feel cheerful and ready for any risks. To the summer back in Erendel, Christopher and Anna overcome any obstacles during the game Cold Heart Action. One by one, they climb the pyramid of ice, running away from wolves and collect useful artifacts. At each level is full of dangers, and while Christopher collect on ledges coils of rope, Anna picks flowers. This close-knit team will not stop until you save Elsa and will come a new spring. If you are not indifferent to the fate Erendela, open the game and start playing now Cold Heart.

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