Horses games for girls

Horses games for girls

It would be great to have their own stables, where live in warm stalls graceful horses and small ponies. That is the only pleasure in life is not available to many, but to play free online games Horses can at least every day. You are available to buy in stores things for their horses to participate with them at the races, braiding their manes and even applied to the body of cute pictures. You can play in the quest, collecting artifacts and doing other tasks or listen to a lovely duet vociferous horses. Caring for them is also part of the process, so feed pets and clean the stables.

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beautiful horses

Horses games Many girls dream to find yourself a horse or even a small pony to ride it through meadows, combing her mane and tail. In the virtual world, these fantasies are very easy to implement: in a computer game horse for girls are selected to suit all tastes, and a young lady, to undertake a variety of tasks. Main – from a variety of templates to embody on screen the horse of your dreams:

  • What color is it shёrstka?  
  • You wear on some horse harness or leave it free of this burden?  

Quite a lot of games of this genre offer to do look a pony from the animated series « Friendship - it's a miracle ». They can be painted with bright colors in the individual strands of mane or tail, curl them into graceful curls, try a pony luxurious ponchos, decorate their hooves lace frills. These are fun for very different horses. Different sets of jewelery and clothes are selected, for example, for a fabulous horses like unicorns, magic, or mythical winged horse Pegasus.

Games Horse – a true celebration

Horses games Often, with the animal in the game you need to decorate and rider, trying on her special jockey jackets, pants, boots. Or making it an Amazon warrior. Many virtual horse games to play prefer to Horses games nature, not content with just designer entertainment. For example, the animal must be regularly displayed on a run, or else it will wither and bored. It will have to ride to go the distance with barriers. You need to send a horse to the next obstacle, indicating when it should jump to not catch on, and not to spoil your health. Typically, in such races need to perform a certain task – this may be the amount of distance covered or overcome barriers. After such a fun game about horses need to do cleaning the animal. To do this, you will have a special brush with which you need vychёsyvat wool horse by removing it from the dust and the trailer plant.

Often, you can even wash the horse, so he literally shone with cleanliness. To do this, it needs to be wet, a good lather, rinse foam, wipe off. Some games for girls horses require to provide complete care. In such an animal may have different indicators of the state, for which it is necessary to attend. For example, there is a scale of satiety, when it starts to decline, you need to bring to the animal tasty foods. This can be a delicious oats, juicy carrots or other foods – often in the game you need to select a given food from a large set. In addition, online games for girls horses allow to provide treatment in the clinic, to clean up after her in the stable. The most interesting game with horses collected for you in this section of our site!

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