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Tetris games

The universal fascination people Tetris began when he left a pocket version, but today indulge useful logical process Tetris game, you can play online and for free. Retaining the classic option when it is necessary to send in empty cells falling elements and rotate them so that they conform to the shape of them. However, the diversity attracts more and you'll find we have fun version of the construction of houses, pyramids and even a geographical variant, when the continents will be moved into place. You can play any of the elements, bringing together in a line.

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Who does not love Tetris?

Tetris games online Tetris games online It is today a lot of tetris. And all of them are in a global network, waiting for his fan of the genre. And during his appearance Tetris game was unique. It was the second in a row after the legendary « Electronics » « Just you wait » handheld computer games. And it was seen, respectively, – as a miracle. Today, no holder of a super-cool tablet not even close to experiencing the same emotions that the child is 90, which his parents gave Tetris. This feeling is hard to understand now that the internet is in every home, and play Tetris for free can be there. Such an opportunity, by the way, and our website provides. So stop throwing your network in search of a place that meets the query « tetris play online for free ». You already found it! You can not only play, but also download one of the variants of Tetris on your computer. There are no restrictions – Use! After the game, tetris game makes almost indefinitely. It is possible that the bright modern rendering brings to this game genre the attention of your child. After Tetris conceals more than it seems at first glance. Strategic Thinking – rational use of each figure the basis of that, what will be next. Fast response – we all remember how the rapidly increasing rate of appearance of the figures at the highest levels of Tetris. And finally, what little game so contributes to the development of spatial thinking. So you should definitely introduce your son or daughter to the game of your childhood.

The world-famous computer game Tetris was invented in the mid-1980s, the Soviet scientist Alexey Pajitnov. After that there was a real boom in the popularity of Tetris: it is produced as a separate unit, was part of the application for the Game Boy and the 8-bit consoles. Now you can play for free Tetris on your computer browser in mini-games.

Rules of the legendary Tetris game

Tetris games online The rules of this fun is very easy – on the playing field from the top down pieces of different shapes, and they must be placed so as to form solid horizontal lines. Assembled lines disappear, and the player's account credited bonus points. If you do not put the line in time, it turns chaotic jumble of figures that fills the space game, and it becomes difficult to operate, as the player is still a lot less time on the turn and moving figurines. When the accumulation of the particles puzzle touches the upper edge of the playing field, the game will be interrupted.

Flash games to play Tetris for free enable both the classic version, and the modified versions. Classic Tetris – This figure of four small square blocks constituting together a square, straight line and angular objects of different shapes. Each figure can be rotated around its axis, making it easy to connect them with each other. Alternative – This, for example, a family of three colored balls. It falls into the general congestion, and the player can change the color sequence in the figure and turn it horizontally or vertically. So the solid lines are the same color, which disappear from the playing field. In Tetris you can play online for free with the same colored bubbles, but shall not be a straight line, and a triangular cluster. More it can be squares, each of which have some sort of image. For example, a person nice guys in the style of « Anime » – they sink to the bottom of the screen, and from them it is necessary to lay down a series of three or more identical faces.

There are also three-dimensional version of Tetris – rules in it are no different, but the impression of three-dimensional cubes give a somewhat different than just drawings squares on the screen. Tetris game play allows increasingly complex rounds, and it keeps the excitement for all the fun – lowering speed figures gradually increases, forcing to make a decision quickly, because mistakes have very unpleasant consequences. Play Tetris Online also offers together on the same computer – folding puzzles held in two separate fields. So it is possible to organize a competition for the collected points, or playing time. We invite you to try a variety of versions of Tetris in this section of our game portal!

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