Skiing games

Skiing games

is not never stood on skis? Start training is the time, launched a free online game Skiing. This section is particularly enjoyable to play, because there is always winter, but for the kids it is the most pleasant time of the year. You will have many opportunities to roll down a hill, taking part in competitions or perform a certain task imposed on the main character. On the way there you follow the evil snowmen and children try to knock you off the track with snowballs. Hold the balance, will rush past at high speed, maneuvering between snow snowy shells and rebels zombies.

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From prehistoric times to the modern game Skiing

Skiing games Skiing games Even if you have never skied, it is for them to get up as soon as you learn the principles of control while sliding. This can be explained by genetic memory, because our ancestors, who lived in Scandinavia and in the territory of modern Russia more than 2000 years BC. e. ago, already used them to move on the hunt.

As a proof image is found on the shore of Zalavruga in Russia, which depicted a scene ski hunting. In Pskov region archeologists were lucky to find a ski from elm. The analysis has been set date – 2620 – 2160 BC.

It is not surprising that it is the people in the northern areas occurred to make equipment that helps to overcome on the way to the high snow cover. Snowshoes were also set up the tribes of these areas, but in the evolution of man discovered that long-distance travel more comfortable standing on the flat surface of the tree, causing it to slide.

At first skis were wide and short, and now they are used by hunters to fishermen. But gradually they became more elongated and narrow, and the tree was replaced first plastic, then the mixture of different materials, making them much lighter and stronger. Snow sticks to the skis so less, and the use of special ointments generally exclude such a possibility.

Modern skiing can be divided into:

  • Water
  • Cross
  • Fighting
  • Racing
  • Mountain

adrenaline-sports free game Skiing

Skiing games Virtual reality is closely intertwined with gaming products and act as simulators, and flash toys, which can be practiced even in sports. Games skiing – part of a collection. Players are invited to walk the mountain road, where the process looks so real that the only missing element is the lack of tangible sensations.

The children also enthusiastically submits ski slopes with the Yeti, Dasha, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Mr Bean, organizes a competition between Sonic and Super Mario. Even Santa Claus can feel the real extreme, when he collects gifts at speed, and may miss a snowy stump. Stumbling on a barrier, it will slide down head over heels, losing skis.

In the game skis online play fun, because winter is always happy especially in childhood. It is not necessary to become an athlete in order to participate in the biathlon, when skiers go the distance and shoot at targets. In our games, everyone can set up a record, leaving competitors behind.

In the summer, too, there is no reason to give up skiing – boat racing on the water, and for the skier keeps him tied to a rope and catches a wave. The girls will be pleased to play the free games skis, choosing a beautiful outfit Barbie, Dora and other heroines, who will appear in it water-skiing on the cover of the magazine. They will see and love a couple that kisses until their friends are busy with their chores. But if they draw the eyes on you, you stop for a short while, and you keep score points.

A little ski history

Few people know, but during the wars in different eras including present and skiing equipment. Naturally, they have been used, where winters were always long, frost, snow. The first evidence occur in 1200, when the Swedish King Sverker ordered his soldiers to carry out a reconnaissance operation on skis. Further, there are frequent references to this equipment during different wars, until the Second World War. And the paintings and engravings can be seen skiing soldiers Norway (birkebeynery), Germany, Israel, and, of course, Russia.

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