Zuma games

Zuma games

In the office, at home, and settled on the plates free online game Zuma. Having started to play, it is already impossible to interrupt. Toy tightens, fascinated. Snake of balls of different color creeps into the hole, and you shoot it out of a cannon, picking up the ball for the next shot that matches the color of a certain group in the chain. Lucky shot destroys the group, and if hit by – it becomes part of the snake, and extending it closer to the target. But nothing, soon you will have the bonus balls.


What to do when there was a free half-hour? Most do not have time to finish the game, but to play free online games Zuma Games will come in handy. Toy though multi-level, but at any moment it can be interrupted in order to return again to the events later. She is the essence of the destruction of groups of same-colored balls that move along a spiral lined snake, and strive to reach the house. You have to stop it, and when you shoot a gun and break the group, then cut the chain and pushes it back. Focus on the color of a cannonball and use the help of the bonus balls.

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The wonderful world of the game Zuma

Zuma games online The world of casual – simple games so great that he is able to surprise everyone who though sometimes draws attention to computer games. Their process does not require any special expertise, and they are often available online. Among the varieties there are different areas:

  • Shooting;  
  • Action;  
  • iskalki;  
  • The game logic;  
  • agility;  
  • speed.  

While some are designed specifically for children, while others are universal and adults play in them with real passion. We offer online play Zuma and independently verify this. This category contains a variety of options for fun and if you like the culinary theme, go to a seafood restaurant. Try to keep food on the treadmill belt does not reach the edges, otherwise they fall to the floor and the game ends. In fact, every time you play Zuma online for free, this principle will be maintained. In the classical version of the product instead of tape on the playing field moving snake of colored balls. She slowly crawls out of its burrow and moves in a house in the middle of the field and you have a gun that shoots the same balls. Before the shot you can see how the ball will fly out of the barrel, and look for a similar look in the body of a snake. Focus quickly, otherwise you pass the level, and will replay. When the colors to shoot the ball the same as in the same snake, shoot him and when accumulate a group of three identical objects, it disappears, and tighten the body of reptiles and reconnect.

The easiest way to take aim, when the movement is on the first, a large circle, but as the spiral path, there comes a time when access to the right balls cover the new coils of the snake. Each becomes narrower and it complicates the process of destruction, so it's important to put scoring punches in the very beginning of the level.

When in your account accumulates enough points, you get one of the bonuses, and each earned a bonus brings new opportunity. Now you can aim for a new shot using a laser pointer – in this case it is difficult to miss the selected object. Some balls explode and destroy more balls of any color. More versatile and integrated into the structure completely different balls, destroying them. Also there are such that the slow movement of the snake, allowing you to deal with it thoroughly. But there are also penalties, for example, a series of unsuccessful moves traffic crawling snake becomes faster, you are not at hand. If suddenly you have ready to fire the ball completely unnecessary, that is, the field is not the same color it, shoot at nothing to get to the next turn more useful.

Zuma games online Various embodiments games

In Zuma online play very interesting. Every game – this is a new topic, but it is always a firework of bright colors and beautiful music. We have become accustomed to the fact that over time there are products in the main only resembles the original game. Therefore, you will not be surprised that you can play online Zuma differently. For example, the balls will not run in a spiral, and will revolve around a certain center, and every time you crank shot and turn the other side. When formed several clusters of balls of different color from the central axis, they resemble a revolving fan, but you still have to shoot down the exact same group shot.

Another option when the game Zuma play for free offers, destroying objects that have accumulated at the top of the playing area. They vane, but it does not make the process easier. If you are going to smear it misses the target, soon there is no more space to maneuver, and it means a loss.

Unusual puzzle

Zuma games online The game is very similar to Zuma puzzle genre « three in a row », but their principle is implemented with a much more dynamic. In Zuma chips are in constant motion, sliding down to the center of the screen, or moving down the path to any object. Chips can not be swapped, but you can add shots to replenish them by creating sets of three or more identical figures – these groups disappear from the screen. Problem – to prevent moving the chips to the finish line.

In Zuma, like most such games, the chips are made in the form of colored balls, but there are some unusual versions of this puzzle. For example, in the garden some insects crawl and spider throws them others to, making up the ranks of the insects of the same color to remove them from the path, and not let the pests to harvest fruit. There is a game in which the cat has mastered the art of hypnosis and inspired the chickens that they have to jump into his own mouth. Only one chicken escaped from the terrible delusion, and now with a slingshot shooting his fellow-colored chick line to prevent murderous cat sest of their victims.

Complete all assignments, playing games Zuma

Zuma games online Zuma games online In Zuma deluxe play online for free by selecting one of two modes. In the first proposed some rounds – there is need for a limited time to complete a particular scale, the rate of which increases from each group of figures destroyed. In another mode, the game continues until then, until an error is made, and the chain reaches the end of the path. This allows a great record for scoring. Such regimes can be found in other games with similar gameplay, but the division into rounds here can be implemented differently – for example, the level of the game is won after a certain number of tokens destroyed.

In order to successfully play Zuma online, you can use some bonus items that appear among the other figures. To activate the bonus, you must include it in the group planned to eliminate it. So, you can blow all the chips in a certain radius of – often such a bonus is indicated by a bomb. Or move the entire chain for a short distance from the end of the path – this is done with the arrow chip. To delay chain, used the bonus to the watch. Playing in Zuma, you can use tactical moves that help protect against loss. For example, if you destroy a group in the center of the chain, there will be a failure, and the front chips can revert to the past, moving away from the finish line. Often, however, this requires that the edges of the broken chains of the same color. Improve your skills in solving dynamic puzzles Zuma online and other similar amusements on our site!

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