Match 3 games

Match 3 games

when you do not want to start a big game with intricate requirements, but there is a desire to play in something easy, open online games three in a row and build figures of three, and preferably more than one line to make them disappear, becoming a game points on your account. In this fun to play like children, office workers, businessmen and housewives. Presented in diversity, they can easily find their fans. Simple and exciting process to automatically think about pressing issues, even when levels get really complicated.

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The most popular form of computer games online

Match 3 games Sometimes people get tired. Including the constant stress on the brain and the requirements of intelligence, intelligence, wit, observation. Brain and volitional sphere also needs a good rest. At the time of strong fatigue at work, requiring the complex task intellectually, all the ideas that self-development needs to be addressed even resting, leave to rest for yourself. Expert literature pulls out a book of the famous author. She takes off the stand in the supermarket women's magazine. A fan of games strategies removes soul for unpretentious games. Things like shuffling meaningless letters or repetitive arm movements performed in the intellectual life of the same role as the rest. Simulated activities and – in the case of game – activation of small motor. In fatigued for these occupations can spend hours. That is why the request, for example, « the game three in a row online » takes in all the existing search engines are rather high position. After three in a row – this iconic office game that is not able to displace its position even economic strategy game farm. Zuma and three in a row is one of the major games for the rest. And not only for the work computer. Different variations of the three in a row successfully use the mobile phone manufacturers.

Puzzle genre « three in a row » - A simple and highly addictive game in which it is necessary to lay down a chain of three or more identical items. These may include:

  • colored balls  
  • fruits and vegetables
  • different food
  • precious stones
  • fish and marine animals
  • ancient sacred symbols, as well as many other things  

Match 3 games How to play games in a three line

The player sees space is completely filled with such chips – each of them is located in a separate square cell. He can swap adjacent images that they form a chain of vertically or horizontally. Sometimes there are puzzles, in which the cells are made in the form of a hexagonal honeycomb. In this case, rules can also be let diagonal chain. Each artist created figurines immediately disappears, why is charged to your account any amount of bonuses. And for a seat on top of the new pieces of the puzzle down, and the playing field always remains filled with different figures.

Game three in a row online often go to a particular purpose. For example, among the figures there are particles in the puzzle of the ancient artifact. They can not participate in the drafting of the chains, but must go down to the bottom of the playing field – for this line need to be endangered by them. After reaching the bottom row, they become part of the collected artifacts. Round this game continues as long as the broken artifact will not be restored. And the aim is to collect all of the fun of the complete collection of artifacts – they can be of real country like ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, or belong to fictional places, such as the mythical Atlantis.

Match 3 games By the same principle, and are encouraged to collect other items – for example,

  • jewels for fairy princess
  • The particle-pazlinki to create some image
  • magical accessories
  • clothing

In the Puzzle « three in a row » among other types of cells of the playing field there are special allocated a certain color or decorated plates of precious metal. Such cells should be part of a chain collected, after which they disappear selection. The player's task is to deselect all of the cells in each level of the game. These puzzles are often made with a time limit, and the player must collect a certain number of points to advance to the next round. Games online three in a row gives a lot of additional tools that simplifies the solution of the puzzle. For example, it can be a magic broom that is « sweeps » the contents of multiple random cells. Or Shovel, removes any particular piece from the board. A huge variety of games with puzzles « three in a row » you will find here in this section of our site!

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