Games for girls

Games for girls

Before you free online games for girls: cooking, fashion, toys, hospitals, businesses and others. In each game is interesting and useful, because with them you get a priceless experience. Each game contains additional job or itself becomes a mini game. You are waiting for adventure with Monster High, Winx feats, culinary masterpieces with Su, needlework with Dr. plush. Dora will help you find items with pig Peppy fun splashing around in the puddles. Take care of the kids and zveryata, build the farm and discover the profession of a doctor, a teacher, a secretary, seller, designer and designer.

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Online games for girls – area of ​​romance and fashion

Games for girls Games for girls

Of course, modern girls are interested in different aspects of life, they have a lot of new hobbies, and they are not inferior to boys in sports, construction, love of adventure. However, they do not forget about the usual things: cooking, fashion, coquetry. Moreover, these areas have become more diverse, and combine several directions. For example, collecting makeup heroine drives a pink Cadillac in hilly terrain, overcoming barriers, and to collect the jewels, she had to destroy all the monsters.
Games for girls online account for a variety of tastes and interests of the current generation of the Amazons who can stand up for yourself, save each other and be flexible logic confusing situation. Remember Winx fairies – a prime example of the stylish girls ready in danger throw a monster, save the inhabitants of the world, and then to go to Solon beauty and correct manicure, repaint the hair, makeup and choose the update fashionable clothes.

A variety of topics for the multifaceted natures

Free games for girls are full of stories for future business ladies and housewives. This is a great area to work out in the upbringing of children, baking, building a network of shops, breeding animals, weddings. Each event requires endurance, precise compliance with the rules of logic and good reaction. We offer a rich collection of fun for everyone.

  • Economic simulators are introduced to the financial side of the business. On simple examples, you will learn what the concept laid down in the basic principle of a successful enterprise. Of course, this is not a business school, but it is important not only to the knowledge economy, it is important to understand the desires of the people who turn to you for goods or services. Attractive, stylish decorated cafe and varied menu, welcoming smile each and accuracy of the order is also important.
  • We know how to enjoy playing the game for girls dreamy. Your fantasies come to life in a virtual fairy tale where you are the main character. Become a princess, a mermaid, a student of Monster High School, a fairy or a heroine of the series. We have created for you a lot of dresses and ornaments, and you have to try them only.
  • Here is a romantic game. If you are a fan of Harry Potter or Edward Cullen, why not go out with him and does not feel the kiss of a loved one? You can also come up with their clothes and hairstyle.
  • Games for girls Games for girls Girls are compassionate and will not leave in the lurch those who are bad. Online games for girls with medical direction of thought and are ready to turn you into an experienced surgeon or young, sexy nurse with a syringe ready. As a doctor, and remove the spoiled teeth appendicitis patients darn wounds, remove splinters, give sight, reduce a joints and apply plaster to the fractures.
  • Puzzle Games will strengthen your mind and make even more popular in the company. With these fun you learn new words, learn some foreign language, pull up the math, able to find solutions even in the most intricate situations and click puzzle at times.
  • Good food will save the world, but first it is necessary to master the game with a variety of culinary recipes.  

In the world of bright colors

Where there is a girl, is in a riot of color and comfort. They transform a room, sew clothes, and it will surprise cut, lay the table. Open any toy for girls, and you find yourself in a rainbow of colors, get warm smiles. All designed for the good mood, a lot of fun, a variety of images, stories and themes.

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