Transformers games

Transformers games

Transformers is advanced robots that can change their shape, equipped with multiple weapons. If necessary, they turn into flying machines, submarines and ground equipment on wheels or tracks. This combat vehicles, and more about their properties can be found in the online game Transformers. All products are presented free of charge and start playing, you will be able to take part in military operations, in sweeps of the city from the enemy. Placing an iron in the perimeter of the army, the coverage range of activities the whole territory that fell under enemy fire attack.

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The legendary Transformers

Transformers games Transformers games The boys love to play with different iron things, cars, weapons and robots, and when it's all combined together, their delight is no limit. When first introduced in stores robots transformers, the male part of the population turned into active fans of this toy. They gave great pleasure to change the appearance of these giants, transforming them, the fighter jet in the car, then walking robots, armed to the teeth of steel. In such toys, most of all, the chips were mounted and sound dynamics and specific activation of the lever, the robot uttered threatening words or sounds of gunfire. And if the robot could also walk, it was the height of dreams.

Happy owners Transformers did not leave with them, even at school or in the yard at recess arranging war of the Titans. Despite its ability to mutate, from kids needed imagination to come up with the developments. Sooner or later, bored even the most interesting game. Toys break, speakers sit down and turned into ruins the fun is sent to the bottom of the box, and soon in the trash. But enthusiasm is not going away and buying a new expensive models often daunting for parents. Cartoons and movies transformers have all reviewed and rather tired. But computer games Transformers 2 inspiring again as it offers a different level of entertainment and opportunities.

The film is « Transformers 2 » It served as the basis for creating a series of computer games. Megatron and his Deseptekony attack the city. To repel an attack, you need to assign its combat transformers so that the enemy came out of the kill zone of one of your robots, immediately got in range of others. Each time, the enemy will come up with new, more lethal force, but your car will raise your level. To find out what qualities have your iron soldiers, just move them italics mouse and you will see at the bottom of the characteristics of each field.

Games Transformers for everyone

Transformers games Transformers games Games Transformers 3 movie theme « Transformers: The Other Side of the Moon », offer a turn of events, but most importantly, you can show your creative side, collecting puzzles. These giants will manifest as collecting pictures of the individual mosaic pieces. From picture to picture, you will see many options for transformation of robots, they look so impressive, realistic, what seems to be a little more, and they start to move.

Online games transformers 2 to search for similar items are different from those in other games. First, in the different images you will find details of the mechanism which cleverly disguised on the general background. Then, from the collection of items you need to collect a new model transformer, finding for each found a piece of the place. Just take another piece and place it on a semi-assembled robot.

Still, you have to taste to play in transformers, fighting – because it is for this, and set up the machine. Shootout in the streets or in outer space – choose your option. And can control transformers under water by the fish you like more? Then dive to the bottom and choose your giant. But when there is a disaster, even metal creatures have to survive in the conditions of destruction. In one of the games, a nuclear war broke not only the world of people, but also hurt the robots, and some of them are separated by half, have to find a way to survive in such a sorry state.
Games online transformers – games for boys and men who feel quite comfortable world of robots.

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