Barbie games

Barbie games

The modern dolls are not just beautiful and endowed with history and character. They come even entire series, but for Barbie come up with new wardrobes, furniture, and only her fiance, Kenn, faithful and never leaves the blonde beauty. With it you can play for free online, and all games of Barbie, this stylish toys about fashion, design profession. This baby doll outfits and loves travel, enthusiastically mastering any kind of work and invites you to this occupation. Together, learn new things more interesting, and if her company, she did not mind.

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Barbie games for girls online Barbie games for girls online

Biography heroine Barbie games

Girls love Barbie, but few people know the full name of Doll – Barbara Millicent Roberts, she was born in the year 1959, and her parents - Elliot Handler and Ruth. For sale new-born blonde used the slogan "Teenage Fashion Model", which is translated "Model-teenager", though outwardly she looked like a woman with bright makeup. During the year, Barbie's design was changed several times, until it became as it is now. In 1961, the doll has acquired a boyfriend, Ken Carson, in 1963 – girlfriend, Midge, and in 1964 she had a little sister Skipper.

Because of this popularity, Barbie quickly acquired a magnificent clothes, jewelry, cars, and a huge house, stables and other things. Its growing number of acquisitions so far, already making a real capital. With every desire, it is impossible to buy everything, and even with the excellent personal fantasies, it will be difficult to beat conceived the situation, if not essential parts of the interior or dresses. So Barbie games for girls have become popular as the heroine herself.

Barbie games for girls online

During the Barbie games online, everything is possible

  • With Barbie you can play in the mother-daughter
  • To master the profession
  • Find your fashionable style
  • Learn to cooking  
  • to be creative

  Barbie games for girls have expanded opportunities doll fans. Without spending any money, you can swim in the luxury of clothes and jewelry, to travel without restriction to any country, to go shopping for new clothes, visit the trendy restaurants and on stage.

The authors also offer virtual fun to play games for girls Barbie and see what it was in its infancy. Barbie baby just adorable, and take care of it especially nice. Growing up, she showed creativity, and together you will visit the Ballet School, find yourself on stage with the first song or dance, learn to use musical instruments.

Barbie games for girls online Barbie games for girls online Each festival is an occasion to find a carnival costume or a nice outfit to come up with make-up, manicure and hair. Together, you will decorate the room Barbie and prepare delicious meals. And when the festival will be held, will clean the apartment, and finding a place apart in the litter. Barbie games online promise many unforgettable travel in the company of loved ones or friends. You will visit the paradise islands, ascend to the high mountains, visit famous places of the world. And to test themselves in various professions, but before help Barbie find a shape corresponding to the positions.

a little bit more interesting things about Barbie

Barbie seems almost real girl, because for her, and wrote a biography. First, we decide what it is home to Willows – town in Wisconsin, and parents - Margaret and George Roberts. But when it became clear that the rating of the doll continues to grow, in 1990, we thought that such a luxury girl should be a native of New York City.

In 2004, Barbie and Ken broke up, and after a couple of years once again reunited, although still not married. But their friends – Midge and Alan, were married in 1991, and even gave birth to twins. But in 2013, for Midge we created a new image, and now she's back childless and unmarried.

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