Sonic games

Sonic games

It seems that we still have a long time to play online games on the Sonic. This anthropomorphic hedgehog entertained for generations and still the same mischievous, restless. However, since birth he had a few change the appearance, but only won the transformation – I became higher, hid sharp teeth. He participated in many racing events, great playing football, jumping and climbing levels. Since it can not be compared in a battle no one, when he is armed with its famous golden rings. And for a refill, it is necessary to collect them at every opportunity.


Hooray, we are again able to play free online games Sonic X! Hedgehog with blue hair from the rough is not going to leave the podium glory won. He armed himself with a gold ring and destroy their enemies, and to replenish the gold reserves, ready to climb the steepest walls, jump on the platforms, sink to the bottom and the ground. He is afraid of nothing and became a symbol of courage. And he's not trying to be a hero, and just having fun. For him it is a game – win the next villain, punished for some offense. Yes, the sense of justice among more than Sonic himself.

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The history of the legendary Sonic

Sonic games Sonic games New computer games coming out every day, do not always offer a unique idea. Often they are based on the experience of the previous topics and products, exploiting their popularity to promote its own products. Recognizable characters more quickly attract the attention of consumers and ensure the success of the toy. The authors of original ideas call it plagiarism, but many gamers do not care who is behind the next version of the game. They care only how exciting is the new version.

Sonic games appeared in 1991 and were designed for the console Mega Drive Sega. The anthropomorphic blue hedgehog became a favorite among fans and platformer is so firmly entrenched in the virtual world of games, which then over to the digital space of personal computers. Today, it has become the invisible thread that unites the interests of users of all generations.

Fate Sonic – fighting enemies that threaten the peaceful coexistence of goodies that live in his world. Its main and direct weapons – gold rings, gives him strength and power. By controlling them during the game, nado constantly monitor za so that they had not ended. Their supply can be replenished during gameplay, collecting at different levels. If they run out, the hedgehog will be in difficulty, and its opposition to the forces of evil will be defeated.

The fate of the game Sonic in our time

  Today, Sonic frequent visitor to the stories of a different orientation, and in his company are characters from other games. No less popular Mario often next to Sonic and together they are fighting, each on its own. Comic book heroes, too, is not averse to be shoulder to shoulder with the blue hedgehog, and make a contribution for the liberation of the weak.

Play games Sonic 2's funny, because the plots offer a lot of new adventures in which you need to help hedgehog overcome difficulties. This could be finding a way out of the maze, the war against the zombies or the protection of the orchard from the invasion of the flying bloodsuckers – mice. Attack of the robots will be a real test of endurance and the ability to repel enemy attacks, you are far superior in size and strong armor. Just does not happen in battle, but the enemy is always a weak point and your task is to find it.

Sonic games Our Sonic games online free offer to take part in sports, where the main character is a blue hedgehog. He was restless, and when the free fall of the fight a minute, happy to rest for outdoor games, playing in

  • football;
  • Volleyball;
  • water skiing.

In the bowling club for the ball itself will be knocking down pins. His strong spines protect it from injuries, so worrying about it is not necessary.  

You can play Sonic, driving a motorcycle, and you will witness while his accomplice foolhardiness. He deftly pulls the steep hill, no less skillfully moves out from them and shows the tricks in the ramp, not forgetting on the way to collect their weapons – gold rings.

The collection of objects during the flight, puzzles and bright black and white coloring, search differences and Dress – all Sonic games. Along with him and his friends, you re-evaluate the concept of friendship and mutual assistance. This lesson will be most valuable, along with the fact that you can practice your reaction speed, alertness and agility.

Popular games Sonic X

  first game Sonic X were designed for consoles Sega. Restless hedgehog with blue hair hit his activity and restlessness. He always demanded movement and should leave it fixed, he soon began to stomp foot, then jumped as if beyond the game, thus letting her ending. Passion for the salvation of the world only to us – players seem his vocation and the main goal in life. But the hedgehog did not perceive his exploits so seriously. For him it is a game and nothing more. Its energy is seeking a way out and finds in such a form of saving. Silas did he give gold rings and therefore, whenever possible, it is necessary to replenish their stocks, taking even in the sky.

Appearance Sonic has changed considerably since its first appearance on the monitors. Initially, it was much lower, and their teeth were like sharp swords, were always in sight and had an awesome view. Now the hedgehog grew up, and his small teeth visible only when he opens his mouth. In all other respects, he is still the same cheerful hedgehog.

Sonic always relevant

Sonic games

Sonic games Sonic X to play online is never boring. He gradually gained popularity and became a symbol of the company Sega, as it began to remove the animated series and create games for computer users. At the same time a little strange that, along with the progressive simulators, where the graphics, gameplay and possibility to create their own virtual world, Sonic X Games are still on the crest of popularity. It is not absorbed an avalanche of innovative technologies, but on the contrary, Sonic universe expands and fills with new characters. Now his company is often seen of Super Mario, supermen and many others from other games and cartoons.

Together with Sonic you have to all the time somewhere to go. Do you remember that it's hard to stay in one place for a long time, but because he does not care which way to go, just to make actions. Seeing that the orchard was attacked by bats, he does not hesitate to set to work to clean it from pests. And as any enemy takes power, it needs constant replenishment, which he receives from gold rings. Another time, he will have to face the iron robot. This opponent is much stronger and more dangerous than the little mice. But the courage and determination of our aquamarine hedgehog and his holy weapon to help him cope with any problem. We can not say that the battle would be easy, but nothing is impossible. Your help can not hurt him, but because together you'll master the enemy in no time.

Game features Sonic X

Sonic games Sonic X Games, it is not only the destruction and fight. When all is quiet around, you can do sports. This will not get bored Sonic idle and at the same time a great camp for training in marksmanship, dexterity and speed. He could often be seen at:

  • on a skateboard;  
  • on a motorcycle;  
  • water skiing;  
  • on a boat;  
  • raced around the pitch;  
  • for pole vaulting.  

But even then he can not stand routine and trying to complicate your life. Drive a motorcycle, of course, interesting, but quickly bored. But if you go to a sandy beach and try to not get caught up in it – it is quite another matter. The sand is more like a steep sea waves. He was reared and now Sonic should not just drive through it, but also to overcome the hill, down into the cavities, collect bonuses and put it all in a short time. But if the doctrine seriously, during the battle will be much easier. If you are of the same opinion, welcome to the Sonic X to play online. Perhaps, coloring, puzzles and find the differences will interest you as true fans brave hedgehog.

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