Games for boys

Games for boys

Racing, voynushki, fighting, adventure, construction, sports – all online games for boys. Here you can play, killing monsters, aliens, or just enemies enemy battalion. Build a castle, recruit soldiers control the robot. There are totally reckless toys, where a sea of ​​blood and destruction. You can become a sniper or a bounty hunter, kamikaze ninjas and transformer. Take a lot of skydiving and drive tanks, but with Superman perform heroic deeds. Then go on a journey and discover a new galaxy.

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Games for boys – our wars are safe

Games for boys Games for boys What is most boys love? Certainly, ball games, winter active merrymaking, voynushki imaginary adventure. They like to take risks, to be lifted up and fight. All that and more prepared games for boys online.

We have weapons of different caliber and power from primitive clubs, slingshots and hooliganism to molecular disintegrator laser installations in spacecraft. We have organized for you battle with the dragons, but they can be quite tame, and they will help you in the battle with other monsters.


Defend your castles and towers, building robots in the perimeter. Launch a rocket into space, looking for new planets and install them their dominance. Or entered into with the new neighbors of the peace treaty and Naladte trade relations.

Show your strength in boxing, karate, or go to the virtual streets teeming with gangs of thugs. Any item becomes your weapon, and one will have to resist against the team. Even school hallways are not safe, because the students were divided into groups and are fighting among themselves. Protect your territory from the invasion of the arrogant strangers.

Games for boys Games for boys Be Pirates – storm seas and peaceful ships. Take boarded ships, explore the treasure map digged treasures, but do not step on the mined areas. Arrange gunfight guns, throwing the nucleus of an enemy ship, and play in a real sea battle.

  Get in the sport

Select the year, sports equipment and you will be fully equipped for any conditions. Racing from the very simple to the races of the future turn a boring evening hours of excitement, especially if invited to play another. The track will be the city, auto tracking, mountain, water spaces, air space and farmland.
Conquer the snowy slopes skiing, snowboarding, sledding and toboggan. Shoot at targets, play tennis great and small, to throw the ball in the basket, or learn to play beach volleyball. In the long jump, pole vault and become a long-distance runner, and when tired of the active sports, play table football or billiards.

Games for boys Games for boys If you want adventure, be prepared for everything

Adventure games for boys can still be called Adventure. In the face of one of the characters can go in search of the way home, and you can forget about the comfort of home and strive to go where the danger.
If you are not afraid of the treacherous vampires, zombies, werewolves and kosmitov, hit the road, even if you have no weapons – on the way necessarily something turned up. Fire and water, Papa Louis, Mario and Sonic, McCoy, comic book heroes, and many other brave heroes fighting against dangerous creatures, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, mazes pass.

Online games for boys of all ages

Sometimes little boys trying to seem older and take up challenging fun with a number of complicated rules, settings and control methods. But adults do not mind the players have fun in the flash toy with a minimum of conventions and fast passage, sense of humor and childish naivete. Games for boys on our site allow, without exception, all the players find their direction, either:

  • Fly
  • Fighting
  • Logical games
  • Adventure
  • Economic Strategy
  • Sports
  • Robots
  • Shooting
  • Adventure

All headings are updated constantly entertaining novelties, which, of course, available to you free of charge. We wish you an interesting pastime, but as you play, we continue to look for what you still surprise.

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