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Puzzles games

Modern Puzzles online games available to play for free, and born of the ancient art of mosaic. From pieces of fitted stone, colored glass, shells and semi-precious stones, piled master hunting scene, praised the feats of arms of the king and his troops, depicted the greatness of the country, paid tribute to the many gods. Thus, we laid sidewalks, but often painted the walls of temples and houses. Now it has become impractical, but there was a fun puzzle. This certain picture, divided into pieces of the mosaic elements. Each has its own face and their need to connect.

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The origins of the emergence of puzzles

fans to collect puzzles ready to devote long hours to this task, collecting pictures of the pieces, and then to fix them on the reverse side, to take the frame to hang on the wall as a painting. So they not only indulge in his favorite pastime, but also decorate their abode, without even thinking, just continue, so the centuries-old traditions of different peoples.

  Puzzles transformed into a form familiar to us from the ancient mosaic art, as evidenced by archaeological excavations. The first mosaics using colored shards, stones and other suitable materials. They are carefully selected and customized to each other in size and shape so that they fit snugly and repeated conceived pattern.

This work was painstaking and to decorate a large area, and required months of the year. So decorations for palaces, roads and tombs of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, but when Rome became a close associate with Egypt, then he picked up the idea, to make their own churches more lush, using smalt – solid glass, colored stones and pebbles. Archaeologists, introduces us to the story, found in museums show examples of mosaic from the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia and ancient Corinth.

With the growth of technology and culture, began to apply for mosaics and other materials that make it more graceful, elegant. It had more colors and flowing lines pattern acquired. When Europe was going through times of Rococo, with its pomp and splendor, began to weave into a mosaic pearl shells of mollusks, and the more affluent could afford the house even pearls. In Eastern culture has always observed the love of all the bright, and this is reflected in the mosaics that decorate the houses of noble lords, caliphs, viziers and mosques. The yellow, blue, golden and red shades frozen scenes of hunting, palace life and famous battles, diluted with geometric ethnic ornaments. Showing off to each other their wealth, in addition to stained glass, home owners are often intertwined in the design of precious stones, turning the house into the box.

Ancient Russia also resorted to mosaic art, though her motives were biblical paintings. And now we collect cardboard puzzles, and get the opportunity to play puzzles online.

A variety of puzzles areas

Now everyone can feel the ancient artist-architect, working on the decoration of the final resting place of the pharaoh or queen to the palace. But for a lot of action and all are attractive for every age.

  offering puzzles to play online for experienced gamers, we have taken care to provide them with complex options with multiple elements, where the intertwining of fine lines and color transitions are able to put in a blind alley.

  • Replace a complete picture of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo;
  • Collect old maps;  
  • , portraits of historical figures.  
  • Even such perennial topics as golden autumn or shipwrecked in a troubled sea, able to master puzzle puzzles.  

Children who are not willing to concede anything to adults, too, are choosing to play online puzzles. For them simpler images corresponding to their tastes, as the elements themselves are much smaller and they are larger. The smallest is also not deprived of this pleasure, and they will find us online puzzle game in which the picture is divided into four – eight pieces of square, round, oval, or arbitrary shape.

Play free puzzle games can be as an independent version, so as an additional job in the game the other direction, collecting scraps of notes, photographs, diagrams, drawings.

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