Pony games for girls

Pony games for girls

If now children dream of their own car, they used to want to have a live pony. And if you find these little horses cute, then we are happy to present you free online Pony games. He will be pleased if you comb his mane and bangs, braid him in braids and tie bows, brush his fur and change old horseshoes. He is happy to ride you and even take part in races. It is fun to play with him in any direction, especially going to the sky for a rainbow where magic ponies, unicorns, pegasi and other magic creatures live.
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Magical Pony Games

Games pony. Games for girls pony Horses have always attracted people. The ponies seem to be especially cute, they roll the children in the parks without reproach, and after work doze off peacefully in the shade. These mini horses are so cute, but always with sad eyes. They want to stroke, regret and hug. They often become heroes of cartoons, rolling children on the carousel or mailing mail. As soon as the pony games appeared, the girls immediately became regular guests of the rubric with these fun games. Now everyone has their own horse, which you can dress up, play with and care for.

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Game products offers an interesting variety of games in which you can find yourself in a fabulous country or do more earthly things.

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Games pony. Games for girls pony Games pony. Games for girls pony Start your own farm, where small ponies live in stalls. They need to take care of, offering fresh food and water, combing a long lush mane and bangs. They love to frolic, and therefore should be a big playpen with toys and jumps through which they can jump. If the pony is happy, he will gladly accept the idea of ​​participating in races. Look in our shop for a beautiful saddle and accessories to look spectacular at competitions. Now saddle the mount and try to win the race, and celebrate the victory together with a sweet carrot that all horses adore.

Still it is possible to be engaged in transformation of a pony, having painted it in different colors. Make the strands in different shades, and you can put a nice picture on the body. Since much is allowed in the virtual world, there is even makeup for animals. You can make the pony's big eyes even more expressively, by lengthening the cilia, and taking earrings through the ears.

Games for girls pony, this is also a fun carousel, which can be painted on your own, making it colorful, elegant. Feel free to use sparkles, stars and hearts, streamers and ribbons, balls and bows. Let each horse look unique will be a different color and in the vestment of a beautiful harness.

Virtual, like live ponies, sometimes get sick and need help. If the claw is cracked, remove the pebbles and place a brand new horseshoe. Clean the ears and treat the teeth, treat the cuts on the skin and apply a plaster.

Games pony. Games for girls pony Games pony. Games for girls pony

A still have pony games allow you to communicate with these graceful animals, even every day. Now every girl can own her own stable, as when it was available only to princesses and simply rich people.

Since horses like to play and have fun, let them run around the arena and set obstacles, balls and rings in it so that your pet does not just run, but overcome obstacles. And when he inadvertently knocks over a bucket of water, wipe the puddle so that it does not stain the newly combed and brushed wool. In addition, it will be necessary to carry out other tasks to search for objects and apply them in accordance with the purpose.

A those who dream of becoming a jockey are already offered this opportunity. Going to our racetrack, and get ready to set records with your horse. Make friends with him, and he will become your faithful friend, reliable partner and will definitely lead to victory. Directing it with a skillful hand, you will merge into a single whole, when everyone, both ponies and riders, merge in tandem.

We are sure that opening pony games you will certainly get real pleasure.

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