Logic Games

Logic Games

Logic games online help us make the right decisions. That’s why we have put together an excellent collection of logic games and puzzles. We invite you to play for your pleasure and develop the existing logic skills. Only with the help of logic you will lead a family of sheep to the house, help Bob the snail to get to the grandpa's shell in time, protect your castle well, get treasures in the cave with Fireboy and Watergirl, and win many times at tic-tac-toe, cards, battleship, and chess. Logic is the ability to plan and predict. Curious people are endowed with it, and this skill can be improved by training with new tasks.

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Logic games online for all occasions

Logic Games - Play Logic Games online for free on Game-Game Even players who prefer active games with fights and adventures love to play online logic games for free. Even if they don't visit this section on purpose, there are always elements of logic puzzles in their favorite games. Not a single adventure game is complete without the task of assembling some mechanism, lighting up a labyrinth or making a construction. You cannot defeat the enemy without logic and find a convenient firing point. Even defending the castle, it is necessary to place the army in the perimeter in a special way so that the enemy in any area comes under fire.

Logic games online teach flexible thinking in a natural way. You will learn how to choose the right tactics for the next actions, predicting the result with them. The games present a variety of themes to make science interesting.

  • Classic games: checkers and chess, mahjong, lines, sudoku, tic-tac-toe, battleship
  • Connection of pipe pieces and mechanisms, alchemy
  • Puzzle Games and Mahjong
  • Maze games
  • Word games
  • Launch games: catapult, ricochet, moving structures
  • Hidden objects, Finding a Way Out

We know what you'll like

Logic Games - Play Logic Games online for free on Game-Game

Logic Games - Play Logic Games online for free on Game-Game This is the section where girls and boys feel comfortable. Every demanding taste will be satisfied, because we can play logic games for free for novice thinkers and the rational mind gurus.

Boys can build a railroad and guide trains along the track avoiding collisions; land planes at the airport; maneuver between falling meteorites by the space shuttle. Also you can go to prehistoric times, when dinosaurs reigned and save the clutch of eggs from the destruction of the last lizard. They will also learn what physical laws many things happen and, taking into account new knowledge, they will calculate the speed and direction of objects so that they get the target.

Logic games for girls will make the process of makeover or cleaning useful. Before trying on a dress, you must find it in a room among a lot of other things. At the same time, you will clean up the mess organizing things on the shelves, drawers, hangers and bedside tables.

Very young players must put items back to their places. When you see a toy-like outline in the room, send your toy there by dragging it with the mouse. The game will make you observant, and if you hurry up and get it in time, this will bring a bonus.

Heroes of logic games are waiting for you

Logic Games - Play Logic Games online for free on Game-Game Logic Games - Play Logic Games online for free on Game-Game

It's nice to meet the characters of cartoons, comics, TV series, manga and anime, or to see new characters who dream of meeting you.

Fixies will show their home and teach how to repair devices by connecting its parts. Snail Bob has a lot of unfinished business and he is happy if you offer him your help. Sometimes he gets into a dead end and doesn't know how to find the right path. Swampy Crocodile has problems with pipes - they get clogged and rusty, and he loves to swim so much. Help him fix all the malfunctions by playing logic games online for free.

The sheep are lost again and there are so many obstacles in front of them! Your tips will help them get out of trouble and find their way home. You will be entertained by The Simpsons, Kikoriki, SpongeBob, the alien Pou, Peppa Pig,Boonie Bears and many others.

Everyone needs help with something: to put together a puzzle with them, remember the combination or location of the pictures, lead them out of the maze and fix devices. There is a lot of work, although ... But the game isn't a job, is it? Therefore, have fun during the day, morning and evening, on weekdays and weekends, on vacation and after the lessons have been done, at any time of the year. After all, being smart is so great, and becoming smart is easy with us!

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