Adventure games

Adventure games

Everyone knows what online free adventure games are. Heroes move around the perimeter, jumping from platforms, climbing ropes and vines, running distances, always collecting something, breaking it, taking it out, blowing it up. You can face any task, because you have to play in the most unexpected plots. It's always an adventure - funny, hilarious, dangerous, action packed. For boys, these are stories with shooters and fights, and girls will enjoy communicating with animals, fairies, princesses, mermaids. You will visit the top of the mountain, go down to the ocean floor, fly in the sky.

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Adventure games are played by real players

Adventure Games Online for free Adventure Games Online for free Someone in the old-school way prefers to call adventure games platformers, but this term cannot be applied to all products indiscriminately. Adventure games have a wider field of action, because the characters don't always move around the platforms located at different levels.

Adventure games online are always interesting experience. They have a place for mysticism, humor, holidays, fantasy, unusual meetings, travel. You will certainly feel like detectives, because in each story there is a task to find items or a way out. You will find yourself in extreme situations, see wild jungles and ruined ancient cities, visit different countries, even space with its secrets will be revealed to you. Incredible and pleasant meetings, dangerous acquaintances and situations await you. Zombies and werewolves, monsters from distant planets and ruthless robots will stand in your way, but Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto, comic book superheroes will help to cope with them.

The boys will prefer to play adventure games with elements of fights and shooters, where you have to fight against numerous enemies, look for ammo and first aid kits. The territory is sometimes so confusing that it resembles a maze, and in order not to get lost, memorize the sections by identification marks - items that are located there. The girls will spend their leisure time in the company of Monster High, Lisa Simpson, help the cat Garfield cope with fear in a dark dungeon, take up cooking and go to fashion stores.

The plots of comics and fantasy stories make the gameplay even more fun. Together with the heroes of The Lord of the Rings, you will visit the troll lair, have a meal in an old tavern, find ancient artifacts and use magic. You will go in search of an elixir with cactus McCoy in order to become a human again. You'll save SpongeBob’s town with him, put on a theater show, celebrate Halloween, clean up the ocean from garbage.

Basic gameplay actions

All adventure games, although they have their own characteristics, are built on similar principles and you have to:

  • Move around the perimeter
  • Search for items and pick them up in levels
  • Find a use for them
  • Combine some parts to get a new design
  • Interact with other characters
  • Collect game points by fulfilling the conditions

Adventure Games Online for free Adventure Games Online for free

It seems that everything is clear with the tasks. But it should be noted that as you progress, they will become more complicated. Choose an easy level for a beginner at the very beginning, in order to provide yourself with unlimited time to complete the conditions. There will also be a medium and high level, where only a few minutes are given to complete, and hints are missing, updating slowly or limited for each stage.

Adventure games for all ages

It has long been noticed that even adult players love to play free adventure games. They like to feel like kids again and chase vampires, look for escape from the room, show themselves in a fight, wander around the Mushroom Kingdom with the Luigi brothers and Super Mario. But along with universal fun, developers also offer those that are designed for a certain age. For example, kids like developing adventure games about Masha and Diego, funny adventures with dog Volt, Tom and Jerry, Winx fairies, a happy monkey, cute minions.

We have interesting offers for fearless and curious players: visit our post-apocalyptic world from the story "Adventure Time" in the company of Fin and Jake, travel with Masyanya, help the Simpson family and go down to hell with Jaco.

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