Lightning McQueen games

Lightning McQueen games

Girls and boys long been a favorite heading, brought together the most dynamic, vibrant and fantastic free online games Cars. You can then play the race, which in addition to traditional registration offer to play in a taxi, which takes passengers on time to the right place. Or learn how to park passenger cars or trucks in any weather, trying to occupy more space. Of course, you will find Makvina – cartoon character « Cars », which will not leave you without a portion of smiles. With friends, he decides to puzzles or playing tricks in the village, frightening the tractors.

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My car – my friend!

Lightning McQueen games online In the rubric where you are invited to play in the car, you are bound to find cartoon characters « Cars ». McQueen, Mater and other characters actively continue:

  • involved in racing competitions, fighting for the cup of the Big Ram  
  • fall into absurd situations during his pranks  
  • to come to the rescue of each other  

But in addition to these heading can not pass side and the other entertainment, which also have cars.

The game cars game where you have to drive

  • on the winding road
  • steep and dangerous roads
  • off-road or city streets  

Lightning McQueen games online This possibility has always aroused excitement in men. Cars for them are their favorite toys, and there is no force that can tear away from their favorite pastime. They care and cherish your four-wheeled friend, giving her all his spare time, even forgetting about his own family. God forbid that sat someone else behind the wheel! Every penny goes to the maintenance of the machine

  • update the interior
  • to cover the body with varnish  
  • an oil change
  • to change tires  
  • pull pads and other  

The limit improvements never comes. Well, if everything is done with the mind and for the sake of safety, but sometimes it comes to the extreme.

True motorists even during wheelbarrow online game behave like selfish owners and will not give anyone the computer until after a few toys in a row. Still, at the moment the game offers, as long as there have been cars. Well, in that case, we will not disturb them, and send them to enroll in the garage where the car is recycled precious health. A small quest will be an excellent workout. Try to find all the parts in a short time, to pre-assemble the main part of the car. To do this, look for all-wheel drive and other important details. Do you think such large items is difficult to hide? In large pants mechanic still not to be found! This is your first clue that can lurk tires. Do not be amiss to look behind the boxes, barrels, pipes on the ceiling.

Increase the skill of the driver, playing games Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen games online Lightning McQueen games online

During the next game you can play cars in a more creative direction. If you've always wanted to spend tuning their chips, but do not hesitate to choose what you want, then you find the brand of your car and start to create. You can easily choose a color, and applications, which will you prefer. The options are many, so do not rush the decision. Try to beat all the options and go to the shop to order the most favorite.

Children readily learn to park the cars in the game online cars. But, judging by the fact that adults do not all possess this magic, they would not have stopped to pass a couple of lessons. Choose a car, a truck, a truck or school bus and proceed to their management. For a start, to avoid complicating your life, try to perform an action not on time, and in the free mode and good visibility. When will succeed in this difficult case, you can test yourself in more complex games where ice the trail reduces traction, fog, rain, snow and night time – the visibility and the predetermined time does not allow to relax.

Returning to the theme of race, start to control the taxi, police or fire engine, ambulance and become a gangster and, driving through the city stage a shootout with authorities or hostile clans.

For a change can be folded puzzle. When a picture is ready, you will discover next. Well, most young motorists gamers will enjoy gaming colorings, where there are also characters from the movie « Cars ».

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