Whelly games

Whelly games

Free online games typewriter Whelly with elements of logical tasks built on the principle of quest. This is a modern version of educational fun for kids who want to play in interesting, meaningful scenes. Here you will get acquainted with the red mini car, which stagnated in the showroom and decided to run away in order to fulfill the dream, becoming a participant in the races. He also meets his love pink Jolie, and will go on her search. There are many obstacles in front of him, but by correctly pressing buttons, levers and moving different platforms, you will solve all the puzzles and complete the missions of the hero by playing the Whelly car games.

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It's not a boring machine Whelly

Whelly games Who would like to stand idle? This tedious task is not to their liking even to machines, as Willy’s online games eloquently tell about.
Called to surf the roads, the red small car has long been waiting for its buyer at the car dealership, but for some reason no one wanted to become its owner. Give everyone luxurious salons with electronic control, and nobody already takes miniature cars with manual control seriously. But this is unfair!
Willie has long been waiting for his finest hour. When they offered him a 10% discount, he hoped that he was about to buy it, and he would feel the excitement of the trip along the groomed road. But all this did not happen. The owners of the dealership went to the extreme step, throwing off the cost by 50%, but even in this case there were no people willing to make a bargain.
The dream of racing became unrealizable, and then Willy decided to take a desperate step away from the store and independently get to the rally.

Games Whelly Typewriter: The Adventure Begins

Start in Willy's machine to play for free, and help the hero realize his fantasy about racing. You are waiting for the most fascinating games of the Machine Willy with a lot of puzzles, having passed that, you will improve your logic and ingenuity, become more confident in solving complex problems, develop your wit and thinking. To advance in levels, you will have to:

  • Rotate the handles
  • Press the buttons
  • Apply platforms
  • Overcome dangerous areas
  • Open the door

You do not have long to stay at each level, you should make the right decision and use the mechanism on time, as the stage is passed, and three stars are falling into your account.

Whelly romance fantasy engine

Whelly games Whelly games Continuing in the machine Whelly to play online, you will learn about other events and adventures, which brave car went. One day, Willy met a pink lady of his own brand, and he selflessly fell in love with her. But it was not possible to tie up a close acquaintance, because the sparkling beauty was taken to another store. Whelly could not accept the separation and went in search of her, full of new impressions. You are waiting for interesting tasks and puzzles to be overcome with honor.
The hero managed not only to find a girlfriend, but also to strike a relationship with her by entering into a marriage. Now the pink car Jolie became his wife, and this is a new story. Now Whelly is puzzled by his wife's desire to change the wheels, and is sent to the gift squeaks. New events, although taking place in other conditions, remain the same in content. During the game, the Willie typewriter in front of the hero again has difficult sections, and it is possible to cope with them by using the levers at a certain time in the right direction.

Whelly danger at every step

During the game, the machine Whelly 5 will have to escape from the meteor shower that hit the city. In order to survive, we must quickly think in which direction to turn the wheels and which platform will be salutary. Along the way, he maneuvers between cars on the road, loads on a blurred rural trail and asks for help from a local tractor, almost misses the sailing ship, encounters a flood, but safely gets to a safe area, where he faces new problems. The most, perhaps, impressive adventure awaits you in the process of playing machine Whelly 4, when the hero gets into the Jurassic period to the dinosaurs. It all started when he went to a friend in the auto repair shop, but on the way landed in a temporary funnel. Now we need to go back in time, avoiding a collision with lizards and wooden prehistoric machines. Save the hero by playing the Whelly typewriter and prove that civilization wins even in wild times.

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