Wonder Pets games

Wonder Pets games

For the players are good kids toys, among which you can play free online games Miracle zveryata. Guinea pig, chicken, turtle, tiger, rabbit Olli their friends, baby bee and other real super zveryata. They will not leave in the lurch, and save the dolphins, penguins, a huge dinosaur, if they are in trouble. They will teach you the letters and numbers, as well as how to use them to read and count. The cheerful company listen to music, dance and roam the Wonderland. Wonder zveryata found friends in the circus tent and go there in order to talk with monkeys, sea lions, penguins.
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Fun Games Wonder Pets

Wonder Pets games

Wonder zveryata games created by the animated series themselves look like a cartoon, which made the children will enjoy travel with cute and brave characters, save the animals, got into trouble. To help in a hurry:

  • Turtle So
  • Duckling Ming - Ming
  • Morskaya pig Linni

Oni live in one room, but each has its own enclosure. When they relax, then it looks quite ordinary household baby animals, but it is necessary to ring tin – so their phone looks like the kids are going on the road. Everyone has their own suit in the form of a hat and cloak, like a real superman. They are friendly and courageous, but because any task to perform perfectly. With them you will learn new letters and learn to read, and even help zveryata master account.

Saving animals during the Wonder Pets games

Wonder Pets games always something going on, so the games for free Miracle zveryata must be on hand to immediately go to a place called. Drawings its purpose vehicle heroes also did not hide away. On it they can fly, swim in the water at the bottom among the beautiful fish and plants, go through the land, because it has all the necessary attributes: a sailboat, wheel and shape of the boat.
Game Characters Miracle zveryata in his travels had many friends, and you will see a rabbit Ollie funny bee and others. For example, the company invited Olli in Wonderland tea party to the Hatter. But since he needs a little help with the preparation, collect hats and tea service items to get the right meal. It will have to jump over the stones, fences and tree branches, but you will succeed.
Starting games Miracle zveryata play for free, help a dolphin caught in fishermen's nets, to get out of the trap. He himself can not cope, and then seek professional help Miracle animals. To call a rescue team, enter the correct digits of the phone number, and the signal go over the wire directly to the headquarters of the team. This work is not finished, because a pigeon got lost, and circling in the sky of New York, looking for a way home. Next you will find a mission to save the penguin, which is drifting on an ice floe, and can not hit the beach. There are always obstacles that must be overcome.
Such participation, Ming - Ming, and whether the child is required Linney Triceratops, which began to play, and ran away, but now they see their parents and do not know how to find them. His mother is also very worried, and it is very important rather go on his ship to their aid. This mission will not last, and soon Mom will soothe your baby, standing beside him.

A Now poveselimsya

Wonder Pets games Miracle zveryata online games often turn their exploits in real fun. They know how to bring joy, organizing holidays. If the Bengal tiger suddenly sad the day before his own birthday, duck, guinea pig, turtle dressed up in costumes, sing a cheerful song and dance will take. More tiger is not sad, because he was so much fun.
On Christmas team to bake a lot of cookies to be enough for everyone. Each character catches figures, vivid icing and decorations that makes little fairy magic wand. Point the baby animals so that they may be caught in the basket all. When the items are collected during the game Miracle zveryata, on baking sheet ready to appear adorned with delicacy and zveryata help you count them.
Surely you love the circus as well as So, Ming - Ming and Linney, and if you look at the Chapiteau, will be able to watch performances of clever monkeys, smart and strong seals, penguins, funny clowns. But they are not just entertained, and learn to put words from the letters, to train attentiveness, agility and numeracy.

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