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Funny cartoon and now free online game Bee Maya ready to entertain you. They play like kids because of interesting jobs. Especially nice to collect pollen from the fragrant flowers - the greatest delicacy of small, striped, winged insects. It requires skill, not to please zasmotretsya and placed in a spider's web. At Maya have friends, and they will carry away you in the next adventure. You can control any character by selecting it in the boot toys. Overcome obstacles, avoid enemies and collect bonuses that will go to your account.
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Games Bee Maya: an old story in a new interpretation

Maya the bee games Maya the bee games – 1912 year it was so long ago, but it was then published a children's book by Waldemar Bonzelsa"The Adventures of Maya the bee". History has not lost relevance, and along it in different years filmed version of animated series and feature films, and today the children enjoy stories of the game Bee Maya. In the story the main character – brave little bee Maya, went traveling.
First she lived in the colony, when a large beehive divided into two families. Like everything, she went to school and after school to work, collecting honey. But circled the flower fields, she was wondering what was going on in the big world outside her house.
teacher Cassandra hoped to dissuade from the bee crazy things fly, but she was unable to convince her how dangerous it is to be alone without care swarm. By adopting a final decision, Maya went contrary to the hive and left him. Now there is no turning back, if she does not want to incur severe penalties.
In the beginning everything went just fine. Freedom is intoxicating her, and she made ​​friends with many insects, made ​​many discoveries. But not all the new friends were friends. She miraculously managed to escape from captivity, hornets, and find out their secret plan to capture the native Maya home.
Now, it is not an easy dilemma to – to return home, to warn of impending bees and dangers and to be punished for disobedience itself, or fly away to save himself, but doomed to death of relatives. There is no doubt that the bee has chosen the way home.
Warned bees have time to prepare and repel the attack hornets on Maya thanked, forgiven and made ​​her a teacher of the school where she studied earlier. In his new position, it teaches young life wisdom, talking about their experiences.

Fun and funny characters Game Maya Bee

  • Maya the bee games – Maya heroine not only the book and the movie, with her you'll play Maya Bee game free. It is sensitive, sympathetic, cheerful hardworking as all the bees. The first dared to go against the rules and made the lesson. Now, by example teaches others to do well, and enjoys great influence among the bees.
  • Miss Cassandra – caring teacher in the school bee. From infancy she takes care of Maya and supports many of its ideas.
  • Flip (or jumping) – bouncing green grasshopper. He is friends with Maya and accompanies her everywhere from an early age. A wise mentor and good friend.
  • Elena VIII – queen bee. He likes to talk with Maya and listens to it.

Also, history is replete with other insect characters: centipedes, mice, beetles and dragonflies, spiders, termites and ants, but the game play for free Bee Maya enable only the protagonists.

Flower and Honey Bee Maya history of the game

Accompanying the heroine in her quest, be attentive, brave and cautious. Gathering at the Mayan Bee Honey online games do not go to the sharp thorns of bushes, or Maya get hurt and not be able to return home to the closure of the hive at night. Web – another insidious trap set by the spiders. Collect nectar, and carefully look around.
Another story Maya Bee game play online offers in a multi-level puzzle game, where you have to explore all the rooms in the hive and collect the honey. Until some corners to get difficult, but there are characters to help you understand.
You are waiting for an amazing adventure in the garden and colorful puzzle, which heroes are busy important, and in order to understand how, it is necessary to put all the elements in the correct order. Only the observant players will be able to quickly perform an exciting job.

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