Mia and Me games

Mia and Me games

If you know the magic word and use magical artifact can be in a country of fairies, unicorns, elves and other fantasy creatures in the world. It happened with the heroine of the game online Mia and Me. Now she is one of the fairies, is friends with a unicorn and should save the country from attack Tsentopiyu Wicked Witch. In order to help the heroine to fulfill the mission, the game will be free, following her everywhere, directing every move. Mia has to look good, so do not do without fashion trends. But more important to train logic and observation, folding puzzles and solving tricky puzzles.
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Igry Mia and I am a fantastic istoriya

Mia and Me games If human imagination away, perish all fairy tales and legends that come alive thanks to those who have a vivid imagination, and ready to believe the most incredible stories.

Here is a game Mia and I'm fantastic cartoons. As in the cinematic story, in video games you are waiting for an incredible adventure, an opportunity to be surprised and take part in events that could only happen in fairy-tale world. If you are ready to set off to the winds, fairyland Sentopii receive you with joy. You will get acquainted with its inhabitants and stroll secret paths on the most picturesque places.

How to get to Sentopii

Mia and Me games In any magical land is their own secret road. Not even a road – small path, overgrown with shrubs and ferns, to hide it from the view of the uninitiated. Other ways more sensitive, and you can only find them a magic spell or use an enchanted item. The heroine of our story – girl Mia, who lost her parents in an accident, and that took care of her aunt. Even as a child 's father the girl read the book"Legends Sentopii"of winged elves, dragons, unicorns, witches and other mystical beings.

When Mia grew up, my aunt decided to give her this book and bracelet. Both items were magical, and the heroine enters the world of his childhood dreams, to see firsthand the people inhabiting Sentopiyu. Moreover, Mia herself suddenly turns into a winged fairy, and it changes everything.

Esli in this it was a gray mouse without friends, you do not notice, it is now understood that need it, and love will not leave one. But to enjoy the long idleness is not necessary. She soon realizes that the world is in danger of disappearing forever. By making great efforts wicked witch, trying to destroy all the unicorns.

Each unicorn manages a natural element, and it maintains the balance. If these fabulous horses would not, Sentopiya also perish.
Mia and her new friends must prevent trouble. From the book, they learned that it is necessary to collect the magical horn that is a very long time was divided into 20 parts and hidden in different parts of the world. Witch in every way prevents implement bold plan, but in small characters a big heart and a brave soul. They certainly perform the job that offers the game Mia and I, to save Sentopiyu.

Saving magical world

Mia and Me games

You have to be brave, not only to defeat evil forces. Logic, observation, accuracy and good response here – weapons, which will help to successfully complete the game Mia and I. To improve yourself, play in such directions:

  • Karty pamyati
  • Pazly
  • Golovolomki
  • Odevalki
  • Poisk hidden predmetov

Mia in the new world has made friends with a unicorn, and they are often seen together. Here and now in the portrait you can see how cute they look around, and that the picture has become even perfection, look for and remove from her masked letters.

Another storyline Mia and I lay down a couple of offers in the puzzles, collecting picture from fragments. Not always is the classic puzzle, sometimes have to put together a portrait of breaking into fragments. The puzzles you can also fold the image is not only the leading heroine, but her friends Mo and Yuko.

V memory cards game Mia and I 'll see you Sentopii other residents, and it will be interesting to uncover the pictures to find the same. Collect all the pairs, and zoom in a little moment of success the final victory over evil witch. The sharper your memory and eye, the less chance to destroy witches magical unicorns.

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