Games Ballad of Ketinetto

Games Ballad of Ketinetto

The exciting online game series Ballad of Kinetnetto invites you to play free adventures with charming pirates. Each part has its own interesting story, and in order to know them to the end, you must complete quests, completing the available tasks in the course of events. Missions are associated with mysteries and dangers, and more than once you will have to search for a saving way out of the dungeon or go on a peep of a friend who disappeared just by touching the treasure. Pirate life is full of dashing adventures, and you have to be a damn lucky hero to avoid fatal exposure and the inexorable hands of justice.
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Games Ballad of Kinetto: the story of one pirat

Ketinetto Ballad Games Online To be outside the law is dangerous, because the robbers do not live long. The pirate profession is chosen by desperate adventurers who want to act according to their own rules. But once decided on such a step, it is necessary to match the legends, and be reckless, desperate, gambling, brave explorers of the seas and treasure hunters. To do this, open the game Ballad of Kinetto to follow the main character in his difficult life.

Young and cocky, our pirate is self-confident enough to deftly find solutions to problems. And the troubles of the pirates is always a mountain, and all provide for a fatal outcome. And now the hero is thrown into a dungeon, and puzzles how to get out of it.

Smigger saves life

You can brag a long time how clever, talented, fast, brave and cunning you are, but if this is not so, the legend will be quickly exposed. Spend time in the company of the character of the game Ballad of Kinetto and together you will become an excellent team when you look for a escape loophole.

  • From any place you can escape, so have a good look at every
  • The items here are not only for the entourage, many will be useful, and it is worth to collect them
  • Connect the found items and find the use of the designs
  • Talk to other characters, and learn valuable information or get the missing thing

Ketinetto Ballad Games Online Because before you quests, your logic should work actively. The pirate is in the dungeon, and this is an enclosed space. His actions are limited, but if you think about it, you will find an opportunity to escape.

Cetinetto's Ballad about small series, but a lot of them, and each ends at the most exciting, intriguing place, encouraging to continue the adventure.
After you managed to leave the cold prison, you should rather run out of the city so that you would not be caught again. Surely the hero is familiar with useful people and knows several places where you can enter relatively safely. Explore the area, find some items, and see what you can do with them.

By controlling the mouse, you can switch the hand and plus sign icons to take or connect something. Click first on the plus and then on those items in the collection that you want to combine. If this action is available, a merger is sure to occur. So you put the rum from the bottle in a pile, and then treat the other pirate to get a sail with the Jolly Roger in return, to attach it to the swimming facility and sail out of the dangerous city.

Flowing around the world

Ketinetto Ballad Games Online Pirate is always ready for trouble, and if it seems that you have escaped death only because you left the city, you are greatly mistaken. There are many challenges ahead in which we must be smart.

While sailing the sea for a long time, our hero no longer hoped to see the coast, but the next part of the Ketinetto Ballad game begins with a wave thrown out onto the beach. Then he will get acquainted with a couple of local gangsters who throw the young man in different buildings, go there, bring it, do it, please the deity. If you want to continue the journey, you have to work hard.

But the fourth series of the game Ballad of Ketinetto miraculously begins on a large ship, where the pirate must deal with a huge octopus and save a person from the hold. Meeting with a girl will bring new experiences and adventures. Having reached the island, the young pirate will find a treasure chest, but will disappear, just by touching it, and the girl will have to find a friend, showing courage, endurance, observation and quick wit.

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