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Mystery Bay Games

Free online games Mystery Bay invite you to play where it's always warm, waves gently splash, and you can eat exotic fruits. You were on the island, and each episode is a new day on the beach. But you have arrived not for idle idleness, but with a responsible mission. The island was destroyed by a hurricane, and it is necessary to restore the huts in order to restore relative order and save the property of the islanders. Once you are even lucky enough to find real treasures, and tell about it in the news. Do not relax, and begin to explore the territory, picking up useful gizmos.
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Games Mystery of the Bay: the beginning of the adventure

Games Mystery Bay online It's time to go on a journey, and distant shores and colorful islands await you. Opening the game Mystery Bay, you will plunge into a tropical paradise, with its warm beaches and sweet coconuts. At this resort, you can spend a lifetime enjoying the sunshine, juicy fruits, conversations with local parrots.

The life of an islander may seem carefree as long as the weather is fine and there is not a cloud in the sky. Know yourself dive for pearls, squids, shrimps, fish, pick up bananas with coconuts, and sunbathe. But the tragedy is that well-being can suddenly be replaced by a raging element, and sweep away all the buildings on the island, uproot palm trees and disfigure the beach.

Letters from Uncle

It was such a nuisance that happened on one of the islands, and the hero of the game, Mystery of the Bay named Rupert received a letter from his uncle asking for help. From the message, he learns that a powerful hurricane hit the island, and the settlement was badly damaged, and only one hut remained intact.

Games Mystery Bay online The entire population was evacuated in advance, so that residents are not affected by the disaster. There were few inhabitants on the island, but at the moment none of them can go there to eliminate the destruction and restore order, allowing people to return home. Someone is too old for such an event, someone has small children, and there are those who have received a serious shock and are not able to make informed decisions.

Although Rupert does not live on the island permanently, but he is the only one who is not indifferent to the tragedy. Turning to him, Uncle Phil has high hopes that the nephew will not refuse to return to the island, settle in the surviving house, and begin restoration work. If he takes the first steps, it will be easier for people to return home, and finish what Rupert has begun.

During the Mystery of the Bay game, a lot of serious work awaits you, but the hero likes that they turned to him for help, and he tries not to let him down, to justify trust, and to solve all the problems.

Life on the island

Restoration work on the island will last a long time, and it will take several days to complete the tasks of the game Mystery of the Bay.

  • Go from location to location
  • Collect items
  • Use finds in different places
  • Perform current tasks

Games Mystery Bay online Games Mystery Bay online For the first day there will be great progress if you set up the pier and hoist a sign near it. Now the ships and boats will be moored, and this is very important. But before it can be said that the work is finished, it will take a long time.

Take care that the young man has something to eat, but he himself must take certain measures: build a bridge, find drinking water, make a fire and cook a famous dinner. The young man will coordinate all actions with his grandfather, who could not remain indifferent, and arrived in order to help his grandson with advice.
When everything is ready, do not forget to call Repurta's mom so that he can share his achievements with her.

Continuing to explore the island and the game Mystery Bay, together with the hero, you will wander through the locations, collecting new useful items. You are constantly having new tasks, because in order to resume your old life, you need to rebuild buildings and attract people.

Life gradually returns to normal, and boils more and more. New shops and boat rentals are opening. In addition to the locals, tourists are starting to arrive, which is why the work of the guy only increases. But now he is helped by other characters, suggesting new steps and providing the necessary items. Complete the game to the end to find out how this adventure ended.

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