Malyshariki games

Malyshariki games

Meet the lovely children, free to the same, online games Malyshariki. Babes like to play in the educational toys, and we have prepared a wonderful colorful puzzles that add up to a fascinating story. Pandochka, Nyushenka and Hedgehog, Rabbit and Lamb sport and perceive the world, studying the room interior. Show how much you care, because of the differences in the portraits of heroes. Computer games were created by the recently released animated series that resonates with Smeshariki, that's just in front of you right now are the same animals, but at a younger age.
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Games Malyshariki Smeshariki in childhood

Malyshariki games Malyshariki games Smeshariki, an animated series familiar to children, introduced them to an amusing group of animals who tirelessly solve problems, learn the world, learn to solve conflicts and look for the right answers and ways out. But in 2015 a new animated series appeared, in which we see the same characters, but at a more tender age. They have already managed to create gaming products for them, and you can play Malyshariki games.
New fun is perfect for curious toddler, who comprehend the virtual and real world, getting to know him through the same situations as the characters in the stories presented.
Players will enjoy performing tasks that are appropriate for their age, and a high-quality three-dimensional picture resembles a cartoon. You will quickly make friends with the heroes of the Malyshariki game online, and you will pass with them the prepared tasks.

World of Malysharikov

Unlike their older comrades Smeshariki, the Malyshariki live in an apartment, and they never leave it. But even the room seems to them a huge world that can be studied endlessly. Each item that is within their reach is studied for a long time and thoroughly, and the characters try to understand what it is for.
The room is full of mysterious objects and phenomena, and since a person lives here, then things of the appropriate size. However, there are items that are ideal for tiny Malysharikam their height is only a few centimeters. For example, they adore swinging on a swing, and on a boat they conquer the seas, although in reality this is just a pool on the desk.

Meet your heroes

Malyshariki carefree round creatures who always want to have fun and play. There are no negative characters among them, and therefore you can meet them right now they are happy to accept new friends in the company.

  • Kroshik the most positive of the Malysharikov. He is a sky-blue rabbit, similar to Krosh. His passion to make new friends, becoming for all the best friend.
  • Ezhik bosom friend Kroshik. Unlike a friend, he is calm, discreet, quiet and intelligent. He does not like active games, but because Kroshiku has to stir him up to draw him into another adventure.
  • Nyushenka differs from Nyusha in external hairdo, and also has a more cheerful disposition, although a harshness of austerity skips over if she faces a problem.
  • Barashik, this is a miniature copy of Barash from Smeshariki. You can usually see him sad, but if you cheer, he is able to show playfulness.
  • Pandochka unlike Pandi is more passive and afraid of everything.

Malyshariki games Malyshariki games Malyshariki games for girls and boys in bright colors and volume graphics, as well as the cartoon series. Opening gaming products, children with joy and pleasure will comprehend new concepts for themselves, learn and develop.
Cheerful characters started something, but you can find out just by assembling the puzzle elements. Just setting each piece into place, you will open an interesting moment in the life of pretty friends. And since all the Malyshariki games are available for free, feel free to choose the next fun.
Now, show how attentive you are, and the Malyshariki free games for finding differences will help you prove yourself. Meet Kroshik to find five differences from the original in one of the pictures. When you finish with him, Nyushenka will appear before you, and again the game will go on the same principle. At each stage, you are given three opportunities to make a mistake, and when you exhaust them, the game will be curtailed. But it is much more interesting to find all the details yourself, without relying on clues!

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