Arabella Gems games

Arabella Gems games

In the online game Arabella Gems you can play for free. Your mission is to search for items that are more valuable to the heroine than any treasure. Once she discovered that beautiful things are scattered in different rooms, and now they have to do the painstaking work of restoring order. None of the artifacts should be lost, and what exactly to look for, you will learn from the list posted at each level below the image. As soon as your keen eye will find what you are looking for, click on it and it will disappear from the list. In different parts of the game will have to explore areas such as the kitchen, garden and beauty salon.
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Educational Arabella gems games

Many players love the genre of quests, puzzles, and object searches. These adventures can brighten up free time and provide an opportunity to practice logic, attentiveness and memory. Games Arabella Gems are released in four parts, they will appeal to all fans of mysteries. Together with Arabella users will visit different places:

  • On the yacht;
  • Airplane;
  • Different rooms of a large house;
  • In nature.

Arabella Gems games online The search for hidden objects in the image perfectly develops attentiveness in both children and adults. The developers made sure the games were entertaining. Each part consists of three or four locations, users need to help the heroine to collect all the necessary things for the trip or to prepare for an event.

Arabella Gems games are completely free, they do not need to download or install on the hard disk of a personal computer. In order to take a call from the authors, you only need to connect to the Internet. You do not need to go through the registration procedure to start the entertainment, at the very beginning you only need to enter a name in the field. This is necessary in order for a successful game to be able to see the specified name on the tops of the rating tables.

Features of Arabella Gems games

Arabella Gems games are suitable for children and adults, the first part consists of four locations, the girl should get ready for a trip, for this she needs to visit the bathroom, pick up all the necessary things in the nursery and living room, and then clean up the car. A menu appears at the bottom of the screen, listing the items to be found. The list is compiled in English, so that in addition to attention, users can learn the names of items. Arabella Gems games online

The first part appealed to many players, and the developers released a sequel, the second part of the game, consisting of three locations. This version is called Arabella Stones. Here the girl is going to fly, she needs to collect all the things and only after being on board the aircraft. Although the story may be different at the discretion of users, the girl flew in from the journey and cleans up the scattered things in the house.

Arabella Gems games online The third part of the Arabella Gems games tells about how the young lady spent her vacation. She, together with the users, will visit a wonderful yacht, where you need to collect all the items left by the pirates. After you cook in the kitchen and of course collect all the ingredients. When the ship arrives, the girl will fall into the wonderful exotic gardens, but the finds do not always benefit. At this time, the location of the story will be the location of the ambulance car.

All parts of the Arabella Gems games are created by the same rules and with an identical and clear menu. The list of items that the user needs to find is written clearly as soon as the item is found, the position is immediately deleted. If you cannot find any thing, then you can use the hint, for this you need to click on the button at the bottom of the menu and select an item from the list, it will be crossed out automatically. In order to use the hint a second time, you will have to wait for a while until it loads. On the left side of the menu is displayed the number of items left to find.

In games, beautiful and colorful graphics, all images in various locations are clearly visible, objects are hidden so that they can be found, the situation is not overloaded. The whole process is accompanied by pleasant music, and when finding the right thing, the action is voiced by sound effects.

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