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Tasty Planet games

Tasty Planet games offer to play for free, developing a story about a small bacterium. She was born in a test tube science lab, and demonstrates the terrible hunger that you need to try to satisfy. Make it difficult, because it is incredibly voracious. Initially, a few small crumbs are enough, but then other microorganisms will attract her. Just do not encounter large individuals, otherwise they will eat you. Each level opens up new horizons and gradually the bacterium will become not so small. Eating more and more victims, it will reach an incredible size.
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Nyam-yum: Tasty Planet games

Tasty Planet games presented to your attention may seem to be a repetition of similar toys from different developers. However, this is only an initial impression, and it is worth getting closer to the plot, as you understand this completely new approach. Tasty Planet games online

First of all, it all starts with a screensaver, where prehistory is told in the form of comic book drawings. You get to the laboratory of a scientist who chemites something in his test tubes. Here he cries out: "Eureka! ". It seems that he has invented a new formula for cleaning products, the main feature of which are unique bacteria. They really like dirt, and they are ready to absorb it in incredible quantities, leaving the surface perfectly clean. Any discovery must be tested, and you have to do this, playing Tasty Planet games.

First laboratory tests

Place the bacteria in a contaminated environment, arm yourself with a microscope, and see what happens. Before you is a microscopic living world in which it is easy to recognize our bacterium. She looks pleased, and looks at the surrounding space with curiosity, read in her huge eyes.

Tasty Planet games online At first, it is too small, and anyone who is at least a little more can easily offend her. But this will change soon if you begin to absorb the grains of garbage that are scattered around. Soon it becomes clear how the bacterium gets better, expands, is rounded just before our eyes. Apparently, a diet of trash crumbs is good for her.

To eat as much as possible, you need to act quickly. Direct it to where especially a lot of crumbs. After the expiry of the allotted time, the scoring takes place, and then you can go to explore the territory further. Each time, when you find yourself at the new training ground, you see that food is added. In addition to the usual innocuous garbage, other living microorganisms appeared, and they are clearly interested in you. Some are the same size as you, but there are big and small ones. It is not difficult to guess that now the menu will become more diverse, but there is a threat to your security. Tasty Planet games online

Te microbes, which are smaller, will become the food of the voracious bacteria. By swallowing them, she changes color, becoming like a victim in color. Here it is gray, but after absorbing a few yellow rivals itself becomes the same.

B At some point, the professor decides to improve the formula, allowing the bacteria to cure human diseases. And during the next stage of the Edible Planet, it is floating in the blood, absorbing red blood cells to grow a little. When this happened, she opened the hunt for microorganisms that cause ailments. However, living microorganisms are very aggressive, and if you run into the fact that more than you, you can become a dinner yourself. The bacterium will grow and develop throughout the game, until it grows so that it can eat complex living forms. And one day its size will turn it into a monster that can swallow the whole planet.

  • Eat all that is less than you
  • Do not get in the way of large organisms
  • Act quickly to gain weight and earn more points

Impressions of the Tasty Planet game

The process of the Tasty Planet game quickly delays. There is no need to swing for a long time, because events unfold rapidly. Levels are not tightened, and after a few minutes of quick action, you can watch the result counting. Taking off the Tasty Planet games, you get a tool that magically uplifting and leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

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