Ni Hao Kai Lan games

Ni Hao Kai Lan games

To start playing Ni Hao Kai Lan games, open for free dedicated to them heading, and choose any direction. You will meet a girl of six who was born in America, but loves her historic homeland, China. She has many hobbies, and paying them attention, she invites you to participate. To communicate with the heroine is fun and informative, because with her you can catch coins and juicy apples, ride a boat in the summer or sledding in the winter. She loves making applications and helping animals. With it you can try on outfits and solve a lot of logic tasks. Just join her and her friends.
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Ni Hao Kai Lan games: a little bit of the East

We want to introduce you to a six-year-old Chinese girl who, although born in America, does not want to break away from the roots of her ancestors, and studies the traditions of her people She also knows that you are interested in learning about her culture, and therefore invites Ni Hao Kai Lan games.

For the first time, viewers learned about her from a children's animated series in which the heroine learns herself and helps children memorize useful knowledge. The girl is accompanied by her loyal friends:

  • Teddy bear Rintu
  • Behemoth Lou-Lu
  • Mouse Ho-Ho
  • Koala Toli

Ni Hao Kai Lan games online This is a close-knit musical group, which often gives concerts from the stage, and has already managed to win the sympathy of the audience. Kai Lan also loves dinosaurs. This is her passion, and in the animated series she speaks about them more than once. But what fun the fun company has prepared for you, find out right now by opening the Ni Hao Kai Lan games.

Travel around the virtual world

It is worth noting that the toys presented are only positive. They do not have an ounce of what could be the cause for alarm. The heroine in each part invites to perform the next task, so that young gamers can hone their logic, intelligence, dexterity and other qualities. For this game created Kai Lan:

  • Searching for numbers and objects
  • Collecting items
  • Animal care
  • Mod
  • On speed
  • Adventure
  • Applications

Cmuly choose the direction and enjoy the gameplay. The girl with the same pleasure is having fun and performing important tasks. Since she loves her animal friends, it is not at all difficult for her to look after them when there are no adults nearby.

Ni Hao Kai Lan games online Babies need time to feed, comb, play with them, and then put to bed. Each pet should be given attention, not missing a single detail, so that furry friends were happy. Well, who of the children did not try to dress up pets? The heroine also loves it, and therefore there is a plot of the Ni Hao Kai Lan games, where you need to pick up beautiful new clothes for the characters.

Leadings and adventures continue, and now try to find in the picture all the little pandas. This must be done so that the girl can go on a trip, bringing together all her friends. This mission requires a keen eye and perseverance. Try not to be distracted until you find all the bears. Ni Hao Kai Lan games online

To do the same when working on collecting numbers. They are safely hidden in the picture, and only very attentive players will be able to find them all. And when you are right, let's have some rest, going to a dance party. But even here the girl decided to show her talents, and she herself was ready to write music. Your task is to help her cope with her obligations.

Once, grandmother Kai Lan wanted to bake an apple pie, and asked her granddaughter to pick the fruits in the garden. Having gone to execute the mission, the girl picked up a large basket, and now it was left to catch the falling fruits. Help her not to miss a single one, and rather bring her order to Grandma.

Kay loves all living things, even insects. And now, having gone to the forest, it helps the ants to overcome the distance, at which many obstacles have accumulated. It’s just not possible to remove them, and we need to solve logic puzzles. Join the company, it will be fun!

Gambling trips on sleds along ice trails will also be provided. Hold tight on the corners so as not to fly off, crashing into one of the obstacles on the road. You have to be very agile and fast, so as not to reduce acceleration, go from start to finish, showing the best time. Still waiting for you to catch coins, walk through the woods, riding on the river and much more.

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