Sing games

Sing games

The recently-released musical-comedic cartoon gave an impetus to the appearance of the Sing games. Several interesting online projects have already appeared, and you can play them for free. While in the cartoon the animals represent their talents in the competition, and compete for the main cash prize, in the virtual world their laws. In the games presented to your attention are waiting for your favorite puzzles, as well as the search for differences and numbers. To find inconsistencies and unnecessary details in the pictures, become a detective. Help you tips, but they still need to earn, and spend economically.
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Sing games: Not only the cartoon

In 2016, first on the blue screens of America, and then ours, there was a comedy musical in the genre of computer animation "Animal Carrier". The city is inhabited by various animals, symbolizing human society with its diverse colors of nationalities and social strata. Separately, the viewer is introduced to several families who are destined to play a major role, and in their own destiny. Although games based on the animated film by Sing do not fully convey the plot of the film, they still maintain a positive attitude. Sing games online

Sing games online Everything began to turn when the koala Buster, the owner of the theater’s inheritance from his father, came to a financial collapse. His performances were not popular, there was no profit, debts grew, and the building was preparing to select the city administration.

To get out of the situation, theatrical entrepreneur announces a talent contest, promising the winner a thousand dollars. But his assistant accidentally makes a mistake, and instead of a thousand prints ten thousand. The error emerged only when the competition was in full swing, and Buster does not dare to tell the truth, relying on chance. A lot of animals came to audition with numbers, but only a few reached the final:

  • Mike white arrogant mouse, singing in the style of Sinatra, and confident in his victory.
  • Rozita, preoccupied with large offspring, mumps, shy but purposeful, has a beautiful voice.
  • Gunther pig of German origin. Can not stand on the spot, constantly in motion, dancing, and commenting on what is happening with a funny accent. He makes a couple of a duet with Rosita, he dances, she sings.
  • Esh porcupine girl who chose the direction of punk rock.
  • Mina is a big and clumsy girl elephant. Her voice is truly enchanting, and she is a clear candidate for victory, but the trouble is terribly afraid to speak to the public. It is worth it to retire, as her voice flows like a river, but if she sees that she is being closed, and can not squeeze a sound out of herself.
  • Johnny Gorilla of a gang of criminals, which runs his father. However, he does not like such a life, and he dreams of a stage. And he masterly plays the piano and sings.

Sing games online Each hero goes to success in his own way, overcoming the obstacles that life throws up. However, nothing will stop them, even the ruined theater during a demonstration for Miss Nana, an opera diva, and at the same time the grandmother of Buster the ram.

New adventures of the virtual world Sing games

The story came out fun, instructive, but because of the Sing games came in very handy. Although now there are not very many of them, but the cartoon is quite young, and still ahead. In the meantime, you can explore:

  • Finding Differences
  • Hidden numbers
  • Puzzle

Represented games Sing represent frames from the animated product, and therefore the pictures look nice and clear. You will like to look at the background of the animal company numbers. The task seems simple, but it is only an appearance. In fact, have to work hard to find all the elements. There will be tips, but for this you need to collect bonuses.

Another time it is necessary to find differences on the set of pictures, which also requires attentiveness and endurance. As soon as you find all the discrepancies on one pair of images, another will appear before you.

In this direction, the Sing games also provide tips, but their number is limited. Continuing to have fun, open the puzzle, and try to make a frame from the cartoon out of the details to see which scene is depicted on it. It remains only to wish you a pleasant pastime, and new interesting games.

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