Soy Luna games

Soy Luna games

Do you feel that melancholy? Then open free online Soy Luna games to have fun with a cheerful heroine. She is also a teenager, and therefore your interests are similar. The moon offers to add card solitaire, put a record in the table fun of tic-tac-toe, get a lot of beautiful gems in "three in a row." The girl never becomes discouraged, and therefore, after she bakes the most delicious cupcakes, she immediately goes to the disco or puts on rollers to go for a ride with friends. And if you like arcades, you will like the local version of pacman, but you will have to control the roller skate of the Moon.
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From the series to the Soy Luna games

An alternate transformation took place with the youth TV series, when the Soy Luna games were created on it. Like many other similar projects for teenagers, this one was no different, except for the original name of the main character. What usually happens in the youth environment? Study, boys and girlfriends with whom you can discuss them, dancing, music, sitting in a cafe, riding bikes and roller skates, and much more, which is inherent in adolescents of all countries. Soy Luna games online

Life sometimes seems difficult, and problems global and catastrophic. But this is because there is still no established scheme, how to cope with minor troubles. The rest of the youth to have fun, not thinking about the day to come, enjoying every moment now and now. So it was with the moon, until her parents decided to move to Buenos Aires. For children, the loss of friends and habitual lifestyle is a real tragedy.

In front of a new school, lapping new teachers and finding new friends. But youth is given in order to quickly adapt to the changed situation. Already, life is getting better, taking in the whirlpool of events to the still unexplored adventures.

Soy Luna games: All genres are good

When a regular movie, show, series or cartoon becomes popular, it serves as an impetus for creating gaming products. And now the appearance of the game I Moon looks quite natural. Like the original, they are full of humor, so that you rather feel sympathy for them. Among the genres include the most famous:

  • Culinary
  • Memory Cards
  • Search
  • Three Series
  • Bubbles
  • Solitaire
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Music
  • Na Agility
  • Pains
  • Labyrinth

Soy Luna games online You can safely choose any Soy Luna games, and a sea of ​​smiles will cheer you up. Look, the heroine is really always in a great mood, and a smile does not leave her face. Since she is sociable, she has no shortage of friends. She plays board games with them, such as tic-tac-toe. Since there is no child who would not set personal records in this popular game, you are perfectly familiar with the rules.

Although the game looks simple, but it quickly awakens excitement, but you know that perfectly well. The Soy Luna games appears in different situations skating, baking muffins, traveling, dancing in a disco or just playing cards with friends. Whatever the heroine is busy, your company is always happy. Therefore, you can easily join her in any situation, opening the game I am the Moon. There is a toy similar to Pacman, but instead of a yellow bun, you will have to control with roller skate, symbolizing the Moon itself. Soy Luna games online

Otherwise, everything is the same as the original, and even a field with points and a maze is similar. For fans of solitaire card there is an option with the Moon. Just open the fun, and you can immediately start playing, trying to fold the cards in suits. It is always fun with the Moon, because she offers to memorize and repeat musical sounds, to find a pair for each of the many pictures or invites you to take a ride on rollers. And it chooses not the easiest way, and objects constantly appear in front of it, blocking the road.

It is important to go the distance, remaining whole, and only concentration and purposefulness will help you complete the task. Girls will enjoy the theme "three in a row", where the heroes of the series will have to collect sparkling gems. The next step is to search for stars on the playground with a magnifying glass, colored bubbles and virtual ping pong, and then you can go to the kitchen and bake sweet muffins. Each ingredient must be added in a specific order in which lies the secret of the tasty recipe.

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