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Supernoobs games

Free Supernoobs games online will be introduced free of charge with four schoolchildren, who, according to the will of fate, received superpowers. They were endowed with extraterrestrials who wanted to help save the earth from the virus. However, they were mistaken - the problem was solved long ago, but the guys did not want to lose their new skills. By persuading the aliens to leave their strength, they are desperately experimenting. Starting to play for free, help them escape from the avalanche of emoticons, solve puzzles, and color some pictures and fold mosaics. Colorful entertainment is waiting, and it's time to recover from the adventures.
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People are still trying unsuccessfully to understand if life is on other planets. And if there is, what knowledge does it possess, and at what level of development is it. It is generally accepted that extraterrestrial civilizations necessarily outperform us intellectually and technically. Either this is just an aggressive form of life, trying to enslave us. Supernoobs games is about the contact of earth children with aliens, and how it happened. Supernoobs games online

Night history

Supernoobs games online The guys from the regular school Kevin, Tyler, Jennifer and the forefather Theodore lived a normal life, and they did not know how much soon it would change. Once a creature from a distant planet learned that a terrible virus is coming to the planet Earth, which people can not overcome in normal ways. To help fight on reason, they decided some of the representatives of the human race to endow super abilities.

After selecting four friends, they started shooting them with bubbles. Clinging to the body, they"infected"the carrier with a certain unique talent. However, the space did not know that the guys had long learned about the virus, and successfully dealt with it. At the same time, no one wanted to give up these abilities, even when those very creatures descended to them from the ship, which gave incredible opportunities.

After long convictions on both sides, aliens agreed to leave the boys with their newly acquired talents, provided that they are sensible and will remain under constant control. Of course, I do not really want someone constantly hanging over you with moralizing, but it's better that way, than in any way, but because the newly-made superheroes agreed. This story formed the basis of the Supernoobs game, and young gamers can explore the rubric, discovering new stories of friends.

Supernoobs games are waiting for you!

With free time and the desire to have fun, go to this section and see what wonderful suggestions we have prepared for you. Four friends are just at the age when you want to act, and there is no fear of failure.

  • Screams
  • Pauces
  • Peaches
  • Golfs
  • Memory cards
  • Agility

Let this be an example for you, and if you have not coped with the next mission for the first time, be sure to try again. If you sharpen the action, you achieve a clear fulfillment, become more dexterous, sharp, sharp-witted. During the Supernoobs games try not to fall under the avalanche of emoticons. Supernoobs games online

Under the arrow, moving the head of an alien. If it touches at least one of the falling smilies, the game will end. Just click on"Rewrite", and you can start again, an unlimited number of times. Numerous Supernoobs puzzle games, it's an opportunity to see the guys in different situations when they apply their new forces.

For this, you need to study each element of the picture, and find the right place for it. A similar task for the spots, but instead of adding curly elements, we have to move the squares around the area. This continues until all of them fall into place. Without coloring, a rare direction is dispensed with, but in this case, players can rejoice, because there are several interesting black and white drawings.

With them, the evening will be creative, because this is a whole process of returning to life the discolored image. Each detail requires reflection, in order to perfectly harmonize with the rest of the composition. Any unsuccessful stroke can always be deleted to try a new one. Here, too, you can experiment with flowers, which is even useful for the development of artistic taste.

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