Games for TV

Games for TV

The TV ceased to be just a blue screen for watching the programs and movies. He gained additional functions, and now has become a platform on which you can play free games online for TV. The first brands to make this revolution were Samsung and LG. Among the toys there are race with options, logical, adventure and even counting the sheep for those who can not fall asleep. Management is either using a smartphone, or through a universal remote. It is worth a little practice, and it will become just as familiar as a keyboard and a computer mouse.
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Games for TV are no longer a novelty

The technique that we are familiar with is gradually beginning to acquire new facets, offering additional opportunities. The mobile phone has long turned into a multifunctional device with many functions. But although TVs appeared long before smartphones, they began to evolve relatively recently. We are already accustomed to cable television, the ability to connect to the blue screens of the Internet, watch movies in 3D quality. And finally, before you play on the TV.

One of the pioneer companies that managed to unite TV and the World Wide Web was Samsung, offering Smart TV technology in 2007. LG did not lag behind it, developing its own products.

The fans gawk at the TV screen were delighted with the ability to run games for the TV to play through a universal remote or their mobile phone. They serve as a computer mouse or keyboard. And the main thing is to adapt to a new way of influencing events.

Games for TV from LG

To do something, then do well, but because the TV games from the brand LG represent the top five most popular:

  • Catapult King
  • Air Attack
  • Where's My Water?
  • Slingshot Racing
  • Mini Motor Racing

Games for TV online They are designed for intelligent TVs with Dual Play technology, and control is performed using the LG Magic Remote.

As for the fun itself, it's racing, puzzle, skill. Especially in demand Where s My Water about the crocodile Swoopy. He lives in the sewer, but at the same time remains a big cleaner. Since the rusty pipes are always dirty, the crocodile is constantly getting dirty, and takes a bath. In order to collect it with water, it is necessary to repair and clean old pipes. In addition to them, other divers of sewerage prevent the bathing pleasure, and partly breakages, this is their diversionary actions.

Within the time of Catapult King you will turn into a beautiful prince, which princesses dream of from time immemorial. He goes to save one of them, and his actions are directly consistent with the laws of physics. Games for TV online

For the fans of the races the plot of the game Mini Motor Racing from the developer The Binary Mill with beautiful race cars and 40 different tracks is offered. Here you can pump cars and entertain two players at the same time. Everyone, wearing 3D glasses, sees his part of the fun, enjoying an excellent three-dimensional picture. Similarly, the theme of the racing game on the TV lg Slingshot Racing, but in Art in Games the player turns into a pilot of the aircraft during the war.

Games for TV from Samsung

Games for TV online Games for TV Samsung are also full of pleasant surprises. For example, the company Busidol came up with a wonderful arcade shooter AirForce. The events boil down to using a smartphone to control a fighter pilot, performing complex tasks and making steep turns.

Other game of Sheeps Counter. It is especially in demand among those who at night suffer from insomnia. If you had previously considered imaginary sheep, then you can turn on the TV and run the toy. If the sheep run out on the same level, the next one will begin, and so, until you fall asleep... Or do not count all the animals. And play it can both children and grandmother with grandparents.

If you crave something more dynamic, then for you the sensational game Angry Birds. Surely you know how to play it, so just enjoy the process by moving events from your smartphone to the big screen. All smart tv games are available for free download on the Internet, and will appeal to all members of your family.

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