Undertale games

Undertale games

It's time to get acquainted with the hero of the online game Intertayle - a child named Frisk. Together with him you will play for free, overcoming numerous difficulties in the dungeon with monsters. They are trying to intimidate, seduce, deceive him, but some will want to help. Here only to understand which of them is a friend, and who is the enemy, a matter of experience. Pass the levels and choose which way to develop the story. You can choose a peaceful path, and you can make your way over the corpses of creatures inhabiting the underworld. Try to survive in a dangerous maze, defeat the monsters and get out of the trap into which they fell.
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Terrible interesting Undertale games

Undertale games online Sometimes even simple flash games with unsightly graphics are so fascinating that it is hard to tear yourself away. They cling to an unusual plot, and this time we offer to play an Undertale game online.

This is a vivid example of how fun quickly wakes up interest, and you don’t notice how every thought of what comes next. In this toy scenario can develop in different ways, depending on your actions. Replaying it many times, you only create alternate realities in which the characters come to completely unexpected results.

The project appeared in 2015, but already today it has gained popularity among admirers of mysticism, horror, detective, adventure. If you translate the original title, Undertale, you will get the "Underground tale" or "The Tale of the Underground" with a certain mood and the expectation of certain secrets. The fun really resembles a fairy tale, only not quite ordinary, but rather a dark, surrealistic scare story. Since this is currently the most requested topic, the success of the gaming product is understandable.

It is only beginning of Undertale

During the online Interteyl game, you will meet a character called Frisk. Not a name or appearance does not give him a sex identity, so decide for yourself in whose company you want to be.

Undertale games online The beginning of the story resembles Alice, who fell into the rabbit hole. In our case, Frisk, during a walk through the forest, climbed Mount Abotte, and did not notice the tunnel. Fell into it, he flew through a long shaft, finding himself in a world of monsters and monsters. He encountered fraternity creatures of various shapes and sizes, as well as endowed with their own characters. Some immediately showed their aggressiveness, but others were more cunning, enveloping the hero with promises to protect and take care of him.

One of the monsters that Friska had encountered, turned out to be a giant flower with fangs and tried to eat it. But then Toriel intervened, offering his services and support. Although the creature poured promises and showed friendliness, Frisk was still alert, and he was right. It turned out that this monster decided to turn him into his pet and leave him next to him forever. Having settled with the deceiver, the hero sets off to explore the dungeon on his own, without even knowing what other miracles and horrors to face. You can open the Interteil games for free, and find out with the character.

This place was formed a long time ago. Previously, monsters and people lived nearby, but once there was a conflict between them, after which a terrible war broke out. People miraculously managed to defeat the monsters, driving them deep into the ground, and seal the entrance with a spell.

In time, the inhabitants of the dungeons built a whole maze, chose a ruler and created their own set of rules. Their monarch was called Asgor Drimmoor, and he dreamed of bringing his people back to earth. For this, he needs to collect seven human souls, and six are already at his disposal. The seventh will be the soul of Frisk, if you manage to pick it up.

But the hero also needs the soul of the main villain in order to get out on his own, so the free games Undertaker develop this scenario. But how do you decide to achieve this, you decide:

  • Pacifists
  • Genocide
  • Neutral

In the first case, you have to negotiate and convince the monsters to help you, and you can complete the levels without a single drop of blood. But if they chose the path of destruction, then not to avoid serious fights. In the passage of the online game Undertale there are many locations: city, forest, ruins and others. A meeting with the minor and main monsters is the inevitable turn of the game.

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