Terraria games

Terraria games

If you are not afraid of difficulties, consider yourself brave, love adventures, then open free online games Terraria to play, passing difficult levels of the wonderful world. Create a hero and call the land on which you will spend a lot of time. You are waiting for the search for treasures and useful resources, clashes with monsters, logical puzzles, the ability to build, build and destroy. Numerous helpers who will gradually join you will help in the performance of tasks. Each has useful skills in healing, design, diplomacy, commerce, and more.
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Terraria Games: conquer the dangerous world

Terraria games online Fans of Minecraft and Adventure will be happy to see Terraria games presented for free. You will find yourself in a dangerous, full of surprises world in which it is difficult to survive without weapons and the power of logic. Every action and subject in the open spaces of the game Terraria at any moment can save a life. To get comfortable, get ready to perform such actions:


  • Explore the terrain
  • Collect items
  • Apply to find at the right time and place.
  • Armor
  • Get resources
  • Create implements
  • Destroy and build
  • Interact with characters


First steps

Terraria games online After you create your hero during the Terraria game, select the size of the territory, the name for it, and determine the difficulty of passing. You will meet the guide NPC, which with the help of a unique device will show how to use the extracted natural elements:


  • clay
  • Wood
  • Metall
  • Stone


NIPs are creatures who will accompany you and help you in every way, but appear at different times and under different circumstances. The only one who comes almost immediately is a guide. It is necessary to build a house in which a room has been set aside for him, as he will not keep waiting. Among other NPCs will be:

  • A nurse who will heal you if you are injured
  • An exploder will help pave the way with the help of explosives
  • Mechanic eliminates breakage
  • Trader will extract rare artifact
  • Engineer designs
  • The weapon supplier takes care of the arsenal
  • Magician is useful in special situations

There will be other professions, without which it can not do. But in order for them to join the company, they should be looked for in different parts of the world you created. For example, a nurse will appear when you look for a crystal heart, and a mechanic with a wizard is waiting in a dungeon, languishing in captivity.

We study, build, fight

Terraria games online Newbies in the game Terraria will have an initial set of tools: a dagger, a hammer and an ax with a pickaxe. The rest is necessary to build yourself, using the resources extracted.

To accumulate material for building a house, chop wood until wood reserves seem sufficient. And having collected the showered acorns, you can plant your own oak grove. The same should be done in the rest, accumulating metal, stone, clay and other materials.

Building a house, strengthen it well, because a lot of evil spirits wander around. It is especially dangerous to go out at night when it comes time to eerie. Now, when there is a shelter, it's time to explore the vastness of the game Terraria, wandering through its locations. Each has its own dangers, secrets, treasures and enemies to be defeated. Locations here are called biomes:

  • Desert is the simplest biome. It is covered with sands, among which is hidden the pyramid, where the treasure is hidden. It is guarded by ant-lions and predatory birds.
  • On a snow location a huge tree grows, giving useful resources. But skeletal Vikings and other monsters roam around.
  • Curve the danger zone with many dangerous creatures. If you are going here, you need to arm yourself well in order to defeat enemies and get incredibly rare items that you cannot find anywhere else. And only by destroying the World Eater will you be able to move on.
  • Crimzon not less dangerous biome with not less useful resources. Having found a "living heart", you can challenge Cthulhu's Brain to a duel, and if you win, it will fall into many valuable elements. After collecting them, create a strong armor and new weapons, because in front of an even more intense campaign.
  • Dange is a gloomy fortress full of monsters led by Skeleton and many desirable resources. You can kill him only at night, with a special weapon.
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