Yo-Kai Watch games

Yo-Kai Watch games

Among the many anime and manga appeared online games Yokai Watch. They are presented for free, so anyone can play them. Together with the main character, you will learn that youkai spirits live among people from ancient times. There are good and evil among them. Their favorite entertainment is to evoke emotions. You can see them with the help of unusual watches, and then make your allies. Having at the disposal of such an unusual army, with its help recruit new spirits, after arranging a glorious battle. Youkai will present medals for your album. The collected collection will show how big your army has become.
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Yo-Kai Watch games with anime elements

Yo-Kai Watch games online Amazing Japan, although it opened to the whole world, but did not become clear. Its traditions are firmly in the culture of the people, without interfering with the development of high technology. On the contrary, the Japanese have learned to unite them so harmoniously that it seems as if the demons always commanded technology, used mobile phones, lived in cars. Based on the Yo-Kai Watch games, manga and anime series are created, and you probably know them.

At the same time, all directions developed, since the idea received a rather large surge in popularity. Naturally, the first to test the project were the Japanese. Soon he went beyond the ethnic group, and players all over the world got the opportunity to play Yo-Kai Watch games online for free.

On the way of the ghost

The action takes place in the Japanese city of Springdale, where the main character / heroine lives. Novice Yo-Kai Watch games online games can choose to manage:

  • Girl Katie
  • Nate Boy

The story begins with Kate or Neith going to the forest to catch some bugs for a school project. Instead, an old machine with souvenirs comes into view, miraculously turning up more often. Throwing a coin at him, the hero receives not a toy, but a funny creature of Visper.

Yo-Kai Watch games online Whisper told that among the people there are always ancient spirits, the so-called youkai. They are all different in character, and are entertained by making people feel and do different things.

For example, if a kind of pacification rolls in and you want to embrace and kiss everyone, you are affected by the good spirit of youkai. But when someone suddenly starts to quarrel, scream or fight for it, his evil fellow is responsible.

To show the hero what the real world looks like, Viper gives him an unusual compass watch. When youkai is near, the arrow turns in his direction. If you open the glass cover of the watch and look through it in the direction shown by the shooter, you will see that very spirit.

How to make friends

Open the Yo-Kai Watch games for free, and turn all ghosts into friends. There are a total of 200 varieties, and they are divided into 8 tribes. Some will immediately become your friends, and will accompany during the passage. But the trust of others still needs to be earned, and this can be done in battle. If youkai are impressed with your technique and craftsmanship, then he will offer his favor and even present a medal. Yo-Kai Watch games online

Collection of medals is stored in the album Medallium, and the larger the collection, the more impressive your army of spirits. However, there will be those who can not be tamed so quickly. But if you offer them a favorite treat, it can greatly help.

When the moment of battle comes, only six youkai can be put on the field, only three can be active. If someone is seriously injured, there is a replacement for one of those who sat in the reserve.

To attack was especially effective, equip them with different objects, and also place representatives of the same tribe side by side. They perform their actions on their own after you specify the target. Each of the spirits can inflict a particularly powerful “soul breakthrough” on the enemy, but in order to make it possible, you will have to play a mini-game. There is nothing difficult in it: spin a wheel harder, draw a figure, catch flying balls.

In addition to the fact that Yo-Kai Watch games are presented online for free, and you can enjoy your favorite theme, it’s easy to create your own youkai. After you cross your spirit friendly, get a new one with the best characteristics of its "parents".

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