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Play free online games Don't Starve love those who love all sorts of horror stories. Professor Wilson invented the car, sending in a terrible world inhabited by hostile creatures. Spiders, meat flies, toads, mutants, ferocious pigmen and other monsters are haunted throughout the adventure. It's easy to die here, and much harder to survive. Investigating the territory, create traps, weapons and tools from objects. Around you should always be light, so as not to be attacked by terrible creatures, and food should be in stock so as not to die of hunger. Try to return home, keeping your sanity.
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Don't Starve Games: Get used to die

Don't Starve Games online Although horror films and mystical horrors are scolded, calling them a lower genre, they have quite a few fans. People who do not like horror stories, just do not know how to savor them, finding in each alarming moment a special charm. But if you are one of those gourmets who come to the delight of the cautious sounds of the night, the whisper of darkness and the mysterious sighs of shadows, you will enjoy the adventure prepared by the plot of Don't Starve.

A role-playing adventure game in 2014 was released, and Klei Entertainment became its developer and publisher.

The main hero is a scientist named Wilson, who once invented a terrible unit, throwing it into a dangerous world, something like if not hell, then purgatory, for sure. The dangers and monsters are here at every turn, and it becomes more and more difficult to defeat them as you move through inhospitable lands.

It is also impossible to stay in one place, but it is terrible to move, but necessary. In the process of traveling, one will see an analogue of earthly landscapes, only in a too gloomy version:

  • Coasts
  • Deserts
  • Polya
  • Lesa
  • Snow covered locations

On each site has its own living creatures:

  • hares
  • Buffaloes
  • Frogs
  • Fishermen
  • Piglets
  • Mammoths
  • Flies
  • Psy
  • Several species of spiders
  • Long Birds
  • Swamp Ticks
  • Mechanical Creatures

Already everywhere there is a lot of trash lying around that needs to be investigated. What is considered garbage in the ordinary world can save lives here. From the found junk you can build a trap, get fire, make tools or weapons.

I want home!

Don't Starve Games online It is easy to guess that the main goal of the game Don't Starve is to return home. This is understandable - who wants to stay in such a vicious place? In order for Wilson’s dream to come true, he must firmly master the two main rules to always have a supply of provisions with him and not stay longer than 5 seconds in the dark. If darkness is gathering around, dangerous creatures will immediately appear in it, and this is a sure death. When there is no firewood to make a fire or build a torch, set fire to the forest, so that it becomes lighter.

It is necessary to say that the hero of the game Don't Starve will die with unenviable regularity for any reason. But the most annoying thing is that when he returns to his initial positions, he loses everything he has managed to get, and he has to start all over again. The only thing he gains is experience, which suggests where it is better not to go, and where what should be done.

But back to the monsters that live in the dark, in order to know who to fear. Even sitting around a campfire on a cleared glade, nerves are stretched, because waiting for danger even more strains than the danger itself. Wilson knows that every few days night dogs come to attack him, and nothing can be done about it.

Arachnids, meat flies and other creatures can seriously impair life. However, among themselves they are also not at odds, and often arrange fights. Knowing this feature of the game Don't Starve, you can use the situation to sneak off.

But sometimes it is impossible to explain the fear by something tangible, because it costs him to live in the shower, and he cannot be erased from there. And to remain calm is not so easy, if you dig a grave for potential treasure under the howling of potential enemies. And you no longer know whether whispering voices are heard outside or in your head, being the first news of insanity.

Later new characters appear, and Wilson is no longer so alone. So, during the game Dont Starve you will meet:

  • Girl Willow lover to persist arson
  • Wendy
  • Tsirkach Wolfgang Strong, But Stupid
  • Robot WX-78
  • Teacher Wickerbottom
  • World Mime Wesa
  • Demon Maxwell.
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