Kate and Mim Mim games

Kate and Mim Mim games

Want to have some fun? Then open free online games Kate and Mim Mim to play with friendly company. Where else can you find a huge purple rabbit who loves to dream? His pranks sometimes go beyond the limits of reasonable, but he is an imaginary friend. With him and the girl Kate, you will go to the garden to collect ripe fruit for a sweet lemonade. Mime-Mime jumps along the branches of trees, knocking the juicy fruits down, and his girlfriend barely manages to catch them with a basket. There are also puzzles and memory cards, coloring and fun skills to develop during the fun.
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Kate and Mim Mim games will cheer up

Kate and Mim Mim games online When choosing friends, we want them to share our interests, think in some categories with us, and be interested in the same as we are. Sensing the unity of views, it is interesting to communicate with such a person, to discuss something, to dream or to plan. But sometimes children, not finding like-minded people among their peers, make up friends for themselves. And if you open the game Kate and Mime-Mime based on the animated series, you will see that in friends with the girl a strange-looking character. He is very reminiscent of a large purple rabbit, and she spends most of his time with him.

Whatever it is, Kate and Mim Mim games are great for leisure. These are fun, educational, and inspiring fun and imagination. The purple rabbit will never let the girl down, always by her side and tries to help in everything. Sometimes his efforts go over all borders, and it turns out only worse, but it is not out of malice. Seeing his mistake, he is trying to fix everything, and you will help him in this matter.

What are the heroes busy with?

As any imaginary friend, Mime-Mime often plays pranks, trying to cheer up a girlfriend. But my friends would not mind if someone else joins them, because the bigger the company, the more fun the games Kate and Mim Mim.

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Kate and Mim Mim games online Once a girl wanted lemonade, and went with a rabbit into the garden in order to collect some fruit. Choose the first juice you prefer to make pear, peach or orange.

Since Mim-Mime is too restless, and really wants to please the girl, he rushes around the garden, jumping from one tree to another, knocking the fruits off them. But besides the fruit, he touches other objects, and they also fly down. Katenka can only watch that falls from above and from where. If you do not have time to run up to the next orange or other fruit, it will fall to the ground and break. But you shouldn’t catch anything, otherwise alien objects will crush ripe fruit, which could make an excellent drink.

How much has already been collected and how many vitamins are left, will tell the level of juice in the jug. The faster you get it full, the sooner you go to the next level of the game Kate and Mim Mim. Kate and Mim Mim games online

Love young gamers and such a direction as memory cards. In the pictures you will see not only the main characters, but also others who are familiar from the animated series. Look at what positions their images are in, and remember before the cards turn away. Now try to remember where they are located and open in pairs. First click on one card and see what is on it. Now try to remember in which row its twin and also click. If you guessed correctly, the pictures will come out of the game. This will continue until you find everything.

Puzzles still din beautiful view of the game Kate and Mime-Mime. The characters froze in conversation, and in order to assemble the illustration completely, it is necessary to put together mosaic pieces. This is a fascinating, creative and developing task, because it stimulates the development of observation.

Everything that you find in this section has been designed specifically for the young audience. The fun is filled with kindness, understandable to kids by humor. They are fun and contribute to the development of different skills, and this is what all parents strive for. Any story will be useful, as well as allow you to adapt to the control actions of the mouse. This simple tool will be the main tool for working with a computer, so this is another benefit from familiarizing with the game world. Enjoy communication with the heroes of a wonderful story, and wait for new arrivals on this topic.

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